Southerners: Order your meat 'n three!

It all looks pretty good. From your choices:

Entree: Fried Chicken

Veggies: Blackeye peas; Pinto beans 'n ham; and special off-menu order of lima beans

Bread: **Biscuits ** and Cornbread

Desert: Apple pie a la mode

Drink: **Tea ** (unsweetened, no fruit)

Now if this Louisiana boy can expand the choices a bit, I’ll take **fried catfish ** with cole slaw, **french fries ** and hushpuppies. Or maybe a **po-boy ** (fried soft-shelled crab, crawfish, or **shrimp ** depending on the season). **Banana pudding ** would be the dessert choice here.

I love a good catfish meal with cheese grits, baked beans, and hush puppies. Mmm.

Fried Chicken

Blackeye peas
Collards (must have Tabasco)
Sweet potatoes


Tea - as sweet, dark and cold as you can make it.

My mother is from Alabama, and the food around our house when I was growing up could’ve all come from Liberal’s menu. It was quite unlike the ‘native’ Minnesotan Scandinavian/German fare.

All these southerners and a few Cajuns thrown in, can someone remind me how to make sticky chicken? I made it once about 10 years ago, but forget how. Thanks.

And Sattua? Can I eat at your house forever?

Country Fried Steak w/ sawmill gravy (Unless there’s catfish, with a lemon wedge.)
Green beans 'n corn
Creamed potatoes
Fried okra
Cornbread (I’d only have cornbread with catfish.)

If the pie is fresh baked and not under a heat lamp I’ll take:
Apple pie (a la mode, add fifty cents)
if it’s under a heat lamp I’ll go with:
Chocolate meringue pie
(I might ask if there was any strawberry rhubarb about though.)

Tea please, I like it Southern style.

Mm mm good! Here’s my menu:

Country Fried Steak w/ sawmill gravy
Green beans 'n corn
Fried squash
Sweet potatoes
Biscuits / Cornbread
Apple pie (a la mode) or pecan pie, if they’ve got it
Iced tea, obviously. :smiley:

I’ll instead go to my mother’s house and have

Smothered Pork Chops (originally fried then soaked in mushroom gravy for about three hours)
=Fried corn (NOT to be confused with deep fried corn=on=the=cob sometimes sold at fairs but corn kernels scraped from the cob and fried in butter with a touch of sugar until browned)
=blackeyed peas with jowl and or pig tail (remember, it can be up to 49% pork and still be a vegetable)
=pear salad (i.e. half a pair with mayo topped by a marischino cherry)

Beverage: tea that with two more granules of sugar would be syrup

dessert: blackberry cobbler topped with Bluebell and Marlboro Ultralight

Fried Chicken
Green beans 'n corn
Creamed potatoes
Fried okra
Apple pie (a la mode, add fifty cents)

Tea (don’t even ask)

Ooh! I had forgotten that! I’ll have that!

::: busy scribbling on shopping list :::

country fried steak
mashed potatoes
(gravy on both of the above)
slaw with a tiny bit of sugar added
but only homegrown tomatoes in season with a dab of Kraft’s mayonnaise

(If I can’t have these choices, I’ll take the all starch plate please! :))


lemon icebox pie made with Eagle Brand milk

tea with lemon which I’ll sweeten with Sweet and Low, not Equal.

And a to go box.

The best sticky chicken recipe I know of is Emeril Lagasse’s. That guy bugs the bejabbers outta me, but he sure can cook. Please promise that you won’t holler BAM! while cooking this:,1977,FOOD_9936_29096,00.html

Pork Chops
Blackeye peas
Fried okra
Chocolate meringue pie

And uh, could you throw in a couple of those deviled eggs and some blackberry jam? Thanks!

Fried Chicken

Creamed Potatoes
Pinto beans 'n ham

1 Biscuit
1 Cornbread Muffin

Banana pudding


Liberal if I had seen this tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, I would have hunted you down like a dog! Good thing for you this is Fat Tuesday and I can indulge. :smiley:

:eek: Okay. Today, seconds are on the house!

Country Fried Steak w/ sawmill gravy is what I would order if I weren’t a vegetarian.

Green beans 'n corn
Creamed corn
Sweet potatoes
Red velvet cake

If I can substitute two more veggies for the meat, I’ll take creamed potatoes and black-eyed peas.

WOOHOO!!! For round two I’ll have:

Pork Chops

Blackeyed Peas
Fried Squash
Fried Okra

2 Biscuits
1 Cornbread

Red Velvet Cake


It’s CHICKEN fried steak. Not country fried. You see, you make it like you make fried chicken, so the style is chicken-fried.

And it comes with a mound of mashed 'taters and WHITE (sawmill) gravy. Anyone who would serve brown gravy on a chicken fried steak must be taken out back and shot. 'luci will be around to fill out the warrant later.

For the other two sides, corn and green beans (cooked to within an inch of their lives with bacon and butter of course) are my favorites. These, however, are optional and the other choices are okay.

Yeasty dinner rolls are a must. With real butter on the side.

Banana pudding is the ultimate dessert following such a sublime meal. Bread pudding, chocolate pie or pecan pie are acceptable alternatives. Red Velvet is meant to be armadillo shaped and served as a groom’s cake.

Sweet tea, of course. Like Lib has mentioned before, it must be properly aged for best results. None of that instant or just made stuff.
Alternately, CHICKEN FRIED STEAK is a nice breakfast with eggs over easy, hashbrowns, grits, cat-head biscuits and gravy.

Ah, the agony of choice. Curse you, Liberal!

From your Menu:

-Meatloaf (w/gravy of course)
-Rice 'n gravy, Creamed Corn (fried corn would be better), and Creamed potatoes (again w/the gravy)
-Red Velvet Cake (But I’d prefer Key Lime Pie or a Peanut Butter cake)
-Pepsi (Served in a mason jar)

I second those deviled eggs, even though that’s a special occassion item.

Do you make the cornbread sweet or not?

I’ll be back again for a different combination. It was menus like this that put an extra 20 pounds on me.

Today we will have:

Smashed Potatoes


Some of that cobbler hiding back there

More tea…keep pouring.
Homebrew, I’d like to order two helpings of your breakfast there. In a nob to our British cousins, could I get a couple of broiled/fried tomato slices with that? Thanks.

Country fried steak - hopefully cream gravy can be substituted, unless that’s what you mean by “sawmill gravy”.

Fried squash
Pickled beets
macaroni and cheese (which I’ve always seen on the “3 sides” part in the south)

Banana puddin’

Peach Nehi