Southpark -- 4/15/00

I would have to say that this last weeks Southpark was the funniest I have seen. The whole prison thing was great! The cig’s up the ass? Then the tic-tac-toss? I almost died laughing! Anyone else see this Saturday’s show?

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Actually it first aired on 4/12. It was the second episode this season. Both have been killer episodes even by South Park standards. I’m eagerly anticipating this week’s new episode which will be centered around Timmy.

“Shut up, Token!”

Weird. My husband and I LOVE South Park, but we both kinda went “huh… that wasn’t one of their better ones…” after that episode. It had a few funny moments, but overall wasn’t really up to SP standards.

Also, if Kenny is so poor, how did he afford that motorized toy car thingie??

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When Cartman said the cigarettes were safely concealed in the depths of his ass, I laughed so hard I almost passed out.

I haven’t really watched South Park in the last year or so, but I saw this episode and remembered why I liked this show so much. When the police had the blockade up and Kenny and Cartman rammed through the blockade really slow, with all of the cops running out the way, made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants.


I was mildly surprised that it took this long for them to do a low-speed-chase/white-Bronco gag.

“Hush, village idiot!”