Soy nuts

I saw these in the store today and I decided to get some. Apparently they’re soybeans that are roasted dry. They aren’t bad in my opinion, but they have a distinct flavor.

What do ya’ll think?

Also, I tried the honey roasted variety. Does anyone know any other good flavors?

I like the sea salted. The praline and chocolate seem strange.

I like them in trail mix and stuff. Just plain soy nuts, or even flavored ones, get old very quickly for me.

The chocolate covered ones from Trader Joe’s are Of The Devil! I can’t stop eating them once I start.

They have ranch flavored ones which I loved (you can probably get them at a Trader Joes, I got mine at Whole Foods). Also, they have a Cajun one that I haven’t tried.

Yum yum. They are more addicting than actual peanuts, the way they crunch…

Damn, now I want soy nuts.

Avoid the plain unsalted ones. I mistakenly picked up a bag thinking they were of the salted verity.

After popping a rather large handful into my mouth I discovered that I was in fact attempting to ingest on ounce or more of burnt sand. Luckily I was very close to the kitchen sink.

Ooooh, yum! Soy nuts!

I actually really like the plain, unsalted ones. You just have to have something good to drink with them. The honey-roasted ones are pretty good too.

I like barbecue-flavored soy nuts best. Then again, I like barbecue-flavored anything best.

Have you ever tried the plain salted ones on lettuce salad? Even better than sunflower seeds, I think.