Soy Hot Dog

I ate a soy hot dog today.
Actually, I bit into one.
It was vile, my friends.
It was nasty.
It had no texture, like biting into hot tofu.
It had no taste, but a disgusting, smoky smell, nay, odor.

Mrs. Plant would not let me feed them to her dogs.

Speaking only for myself, I ADORE the veggie corndogs, veggie chicken patties and the veggie burgers. I don’t particularly care for meat, so I get these for my daughter and myself. I get the ‘Morningstar Farms’ brand at the local Super WalMart. The first ingredient listed is soy, in some form.
Hubby tried one of the corndogs and said that he actually thought it tasted pretty good.
NOTHING can beat the taste of a good sirloin steak, though! I WILL eat steak! I’m just not fond of ‘ground up’ meat of any kind.

Neither did it look like a hot dog. It looked smooth and cold and wet even though it was hot.
I microwaved it again and the pseudo skin (what is it made of? ) bubbled like plastic.
Super Walmart?
This is Arkansas and I don’t know of a Super Walmart. :slight_smile:

What was the brand name of the things? Gawd, they must have been horrid, by the way you described it! I’d have to think twice about putting it to my lips, too!
I have NO idea what the ‘skin’ is made from, honestly. Whatever it is, it sounds like the ones you got weren’t quite ‘right’!

Smart Dogs!

Fat free franks.

RICH in soy

Hmmm. I’ve never had that particular brand. I do know the Morningstar Farms plain hotdogs are good, though.
Hubby actually thought I was kidding him when I told him the veggie corndogs were veggie corndogs. He finally believed me when I showed him the damn box. He couldn’t get over how much they tasted like real hotdogs.

Wishfull thinking on my part. They were Kosher.
Various vegetarian recipes are good, like stir fried legumes.
Mrs. Plant is ill, and I didn’t want to cook for just me.
Fortunately, I bought some Ballpark Franks as backup. :slight_smile:

I’m a hotdog snob, I will only eat pure beef kosher dogs. But wait, I tried Butterball turkey dogs, and believe it or not, those puppies weren’t all that bad. Soy dogs? I don’t think so.

Hebrew National have some really nasty spice. I don’t know where Mrs. Plant gets them. The Ballpark guys make a Kosher beef hotdog, but they aren’t in the Kosher section of Kroger’s in Little Rock. :slight_smile:

I didn’t like my experience with a tofu dog either. It looked like a regular sausage, but the skin was extra chewy while the inside was soft and mushy. The taste wasn’t great either.

I agree. And the Morningstar Farms breakfast sausages are very nice, too. I am not a vegetarian, but I like the Morningstar Farms products anyway.

The whole line of Smart foods is pretty bad.

But I (also) love the Morningstar farms stuff, most of it. The new Philly Steak ‘n’ Cheese burgers rock! And the corn dogs… mmmmmmm corrrrrrrn dogs… :smiley:

I am a long time vegetarian and I have to agree that soy dogs do not taste like hot dogs and definitely do not have the same texture. Hot dogs are infinitely better at being hot dogs than soy dogs are. When I eat the soy, I eat it with the full knowledge that it cannot and should not be compared to the real thing, just eaten for what it is, which is as close as I will come. The same goes for veggie bacon (a distant replica at best), and veggie burgers, though these tend to be excellent and enjoyable in their own right more often than the dogs or bacon are. Ditto for mock sausages; some are nearly as good as the real thing.

Gah! (shudder)


Ooooo…I didn’t know Morningstar Farms had a Philly Steak ‘n’ Cheese burger out. Oooooo…this is good news. :wink: Yes, the sausage is good, too. I forgot about that one!

Anyone else read the title Soy Hot Dog and think that a snack food was posting in Spanish? :smack:

Ok, veggie people, don’t jump on this, because I know all your arguments, and in fact on occasion even go veg for weeks at a time. I don’t know, health reasons, concern for the cows and piggies, whatever strikes me at the time.

But deep down I’m a carnivore. I want to see the blood running through the porterhouse when I slice into it. Breakfast isn’t breakfast unless I smell pork fat bubbling with my coffee. I want to feel caveman when my teeth rip the flesh from a perfectly done back rib. I want to imagine the chicken’s reaction to having a beer can plopped in there before being grilled. What have you…

And a hot dog should be made from the assorted parts of whatever animal a hot dog is supposed to made from. A hot dog is supposed to be an all-american, pure beef, kosher dog. A fine Vienna, or Hebrew National, made from living, breathing parts of something that used to walk the land.

Make foods from soy all you want, but please don’t dress them up or shape and sculpt them to resemble something that should be MEATY!!!

There is some strange spice in them that I don’t like.

Morning Star hot dog products are actually pretty good, it’s true. They still have that mush texture, but not to the extent that other not dogs have it. Also, they have more flavor. This, of course, means they are probably far more processed than the other tofu dogs, but they taste so much better!

The corn dogs are better than the plain ones, I think. Wrapped in cornbread, they pass as a real dog far more easily. Still, I prefer real hot dogs, but these are good when I’m craving a hot dog but still trying to be reasonably healthy.

Tofu Pups, on the other hand, are the devil’s dookie.

Yea, so how was it different from a normal hot dog?