What is the meaning of “spabook”, or is it a typo? If it’s a derogatory term, I apologize for using it, but Googling returns squat.

Considering the source, I’d be inclined to doubt it’s a word at all. FWIW, found nothing.

Michael Jackson single-handledly invents a new racial slur. Way to go, Jacko.

Good. It’s not just me who said “huh?”

Spa Fon

I looked at it and figured it was “spook” with a “b” in the middle. Like MJ’d been watching old ZOOM reruns and made it up out of ubby-dubby.

From this page:


Or maybe he was imitating Cosby Kid Mush-Mouth.

I was confused about this myself.

You know, I bet it is Ubby-Dubby! (If it had been spelled “spubooks”, I would have seen it earlier.) That would be just like Michael Jackson, wouldn’t it, to take a fun kids’ language and profane it by using it to make racial slurs! That’s really dirty.

(He wouldn’t have to be watching old reruns, either. They are making new ZOOM shows now. It’s one of my daughter’s favorites.)

Squa Tront!

Spa-Peggy and meatballs!

There’s now 126 results for “Spabooks” and from the first 30 I read no one knows WTF he’s talking about. I’ve never seen Zoom but from what I’ve heard & seen of his tastes, that sounds about right.

And I prefer Apple Brown Peggy.

Considering how he spelled out F U C K (in the interview) rather than saying it, then perhaps as has been suggested above, he really was just saying a “bad word” in a childish way.

Is it maybe an elaboration of “spook”? I didn’t see the interview, so I don’t know how he pronounced it.

That’s what I think. “Spook” in Ubby-Dubby. “Spubook” (Which the magazine mispelt as “spabook”.) If it were Pig Latin, it would be “ook-spay”. A childish way to mask a racist insult.

Grow up, MJ.

After reading the above-linked article, I’ve changed my bet from the first week of June 2004 to the third week of September 2003.


Take a chance in the office pool: When will Jacko have the public psychotic meltdown incident which will institutionalize him?