Space Shuttle photo -- cool, ain't it?

This picture was taken from the Space Shuttle. You have to wonder what’s in the dark places.

Scroll up/down/left/right to see it all.

Damn cool, Auntie Pam. Borrowed it for the 'puters wallpaper. Thanks.

Well, if that doesn’t attract aome aliens, nothing will!

BTW, who turned off Canada?

… wow.

Double wow!

Fantastic photo!

Thanks for the link, AuntiePam!

AuntiePam…a whole lotta nothin’ would be my guess…mountain, desert, whatever (probably some of the prettiest places in the world)…you notice there’s not a whole lot of dark in Florida… :rolleyes:

I’ve seen pictures like this before, but this is one of the nicest!

gonna hafta be a party-pooper and include a link, though…


Wow. I’m speechless. That’s beautiful. Thank you.


You’re welcome. My son sent it to me. Usually he just sends Bush jokes and Onion articles.

drewbert - you’re not party poopin’ – it’s almost like we’re giving something back to the sky, a payback for all those clear nights when we’re looking the other way. (You know what I mean.)

One advantage of rural living is stargazing. Another is, um, I’ll have to get back to ya.

What’s in the dark places?


Someone sent this to me before, pointing out something interesting: if you wanna understand the difference between democracy and totalinarianism (sp?), look at the difference between North and South Korea in that picture… Yow!

Wow is all I can say. It’s pictures like this that remind me why I got into Astronomy as my major. Thanks I think this one is going to be the background of my computer from now on.

Seen this before, but as was said above, this is one of the nicest images.

PS: The dark places are Where the Wild Things Live.
[sup]Thanks to Maurice Sendak[/sup]

Thank You.

Thanks AuntiePam!

Very cool picture indeed. Did they do any of the rest of the world? I’d love to see what Europe or Asia looked like.

Ok so that’s what I get for not checking my WHOLE browser window. <Smacks himself with the “Big Dummy Stick” ™> Please ignore my last post. <Smacks himself with the “Big Dummy Stick” ™ a few more times for good measure.>

No need to smack yours OneDollarWilliam this time, but if anything of this nature happens again well everyone is gonna give ya a beatin’ with that there stick of yers! Just f*cking around actually it’s ok to be lazy and not look at the whole screen honest.

One minor point: This was taken from a couple of DMSP satellites, which are basically defense weather satellites. Also, it’s a composite - no satellite would be able to take the picture all at once. Here’s some info about the pic.

That explains how come it was dark all over the world at the same time and how the camera could see around corners.

Unless it’s a plot by fundies to make us think that the world is flat

This is further proof why I think Utah and Alaska are beautiful!