Hi TubaDiva,

I would like to add the URL to another message board to my sig line. This other board is dedicated to football and since the SDMB is not sports related I don’t think that there would be a conflict. But since I am not sure if I have seen other posters do this I thought that I should ask before I proceeded.

Would this be a problem?

I haven’t heard from you TubaDiva and am seeking a ruling.

Here is the version that I am using on the 3FMB.

At this hour, TubaDiva is probably asleep.

Here’s an example of OpalCat’s message board-referencing sig.
I’m sure there are others.

Sorry, I didn’t see your original post. (With a one-day view window, if you’re not careful, sometimes a post or two can vanish before you see it. This is one of those times.)

Our view on urls in sig files is pretty simple. Unless they link to something odious, or illegal, or blatantly commercial, they’re okay.

Let me give you some examples:

John Doe
And here’s my home page!

that’s fine.

John Doe
Click here to make money!

is not.

John Doe
See virgin Asian porcupines in the wild on our PORCUCAM!

is not a good idea either.

All of the above are tongue in cheek, of course, but you see what we’re talking about, right?

I didn’t follow your link to the board (not really a football fan), but it looks fine from here.

your humble TubaDiva


Hey, Tuba, that PORCUCAM link doesn’t work!




I disagree.

football (noun): game in which two 11-member teams try to propel a ball into the opposing team’s goal, using any part of the body except the hands and arms. Only the goalkeeper, who is restricted to the penalty area in front of the goal is allowed to handle the ball.

The link posted by 2sense seems to refer to another sport altogether. I think the link is labelled incorrectly.

Hush up. I’m still settling Monterey Go’s hash over baseball vs. cricket and I have no energy for this right now. Maybe after baseball season is over.

your humble TubaDiva
Monty sez “Baseball is ‘rounders,’ that’s a little girls game.” Them’s fighting words!

Actually, that description reminds me of soc… oh.

Sorry… just another damn Yankee getting confused…