In the last two days I’ve started getting massive amounts of spam through an e-mail account that forwards to my g-mail account.

All the accounts I have at this particular url are getting spammed, and the messages are just bizarre:

… for example, or:

… or:

Er… yeah. I’m kinda annoyed that I’m getting these; seven of them in the past 12 hours. But they do provide a small degree of entertainment.

Sounds like some poetry I’ve read recently!

Sounds rather like one I got this morning.

In its entirety, with no indication that anything’s been stripped off by our email gateways or spam filters:

chiseled profile, the clear skin of his cheek, and the determined set of his
“Thanks, Mr. Schuhart. Isn’t there a land route we could take?” Arthur thought came to him that it would be good, probably, to sit down next to it,

That’s it.

No links, no nuttin’ Not even a mention of mortgage re-finance, g a m b l i n g, golf balls, See Alice or Vie Agra.