Spanish Help, Please.

I looked up “to grow” in my dictionary and it gave me “cultivar.” Obviously “cultivar” means to grow as in to grow crops and such. How about to grow personally? As in:
[li]“She will grow out of it.”[/li][li]“Little Pedro sure is growing fast.”[/li][li]"¡Buenos Días, Opal!"[/li][li]“When you grow up, your voice will deepen.”[/li][li]“I expect personal growth from this weekend retreat.”[/li][li]etc.[/li][/ul]

Second, how can you use “heat” as a verb in Spanish. As in: “I need to heat this water.” “Debo cocinar este agua” literally means “I need to cook this water,” which just doesn’t sound right.

GIA (Gracias in advance)

Well, "she will grow out of it " does not translate using the word “grow”…
to grow personaly is “crecer” the exact translations to your frases are:

2- pequeño pedro está creciendo rápido.
3- I don’t know what you mean by Opal???
4- Cuando crezcas tu voz será más grave.
5- Espero lograr un crecimiento personal en este retiro de fin de semana.

heat as a verb is “calentar”
as in “debo calentar estA gua”

Debo calentar este agua. To heat is calentar. Pedrito (and the -ito variations) are used more commonly instead of pequeño pedro.

  1. She will grow out of it. It can be Ella lo superará or Ella lo sobrellevará. If you’re talking about an opinión, it could be Ella cambiará de opinión.

I think the best way to express “She will grow out of it” is to change the sentence. Something like “Cuando sea mayor, dejará de [hacer lo que sea].”

I’m too lazy to find a link, but basically in some thread a long time ago user Opal (or maybe OpalCat, I’m not sure) complained that lists ought to have at least three items. So to make fun of Opal in that thread, and in any thread (like this one) people put “Hi Opal!” as their third list item. It’s like some long-running inside joke, I guess.