Spanish speakers - help needed

How do you say “Fucking backpackers!” in Spanish.

I ask this seeminly weird question because we’re writing a sketch and this’ll be one of the lines!

It depends, is the scene in Spain or Latin America? If in Latin America, what region?

Castilian Spanish.

I don’t know what the most apposite expletive would be, but a useful slang word for foreign tourists is “guiris” – I heard this a fair amount when I was in Spain.

I don’t know about Spain, but here in Panama backpackers are called mochileros, from mochila, “backpack.”

“Fucking” as an adjective varies regionally. In Spain and many other places it would be jodido; in Mexico perhaps chingado .

These are literal translations? Do their uses map closely to the uses of the pejorative adjective “fucking” in American English?

Are there more commonly-used Spanish words for the same idea (cf. British English “bloody”)?

Not really. In Mexico, the word which most closely “maps” to most uses of the word “fucking” is pinche.

I agree with “mochileros”. Although “mochila” is not the most common word for backpack all over the spanish speaking world, it is well understood everywhere, and I have heard the word “mochilero” even in countries where they don’t use “mochila”.

As for “fucking”, it gets really dicey. “jodido” or “chingado” would be “fucked” more than “fucking”. “Fucking” would make no sense in spanish. “Malditos” (damned) would be a cleaner, safer alternative that would be understood everywhere.

If you want this to use in Spain, I will wait for the Spaniards among us to come and present their particular regionalism.

‘Malditos mochileros’ has a nice ring to it. I take it, in the absence of advice to the contrary, that that would be the preferred word order for such an exclamation.

This isn’t intended to be some double entendre whereby the backpackers are, in fact, fucking, is it?

“Malditos mochileros”, yes.

Balthisar raises a good point, though. If you give us the whole joke, maybe we can make sure it will make some sense.

Ha, that reminds me of an idiot friend way back in high school who thought “Dame cabeza” was a brilliant insult.

Or like when I was a beginner I’d utter (to bona fide Mexicans, no less), “chupame.” I’m told that this is more confusing than condescending.

LOL…yeah…well…it sounds like you are outing your self. :smiley: