Spanish with Cheese

The local Chinese buffet is known (to me at least) for the funky version of English that they use to label their offerings. (My friend likes the sushi – what does he know?)

Last night they had a nice tray of Spanish with Cheese. I like Spanish anyway, but this was so delightful I had to go back for seconds.

Uh…so what the heck was it?? :confused:


A green, leafy vegetable, rich in iron …

Was this pages of a dictionary? Pieces of spaniards? It can’t be that bad if it comes with cheese, but still.

Your Chinese buffet is authentic, at least in that respect…

HAH! Beautiful!

Somewhere, my wife has a wonderful picture of an herb store located next to our favorite dim sum restaurant. The store’s sign describes, in awkward English, a number of ailments for which they have the cure. Most of them, we could figure out. But then one of the ailments listed was “Chicken Breast.” I kid you not.

To this day, all of us who saw the sign are deathly afraid of catching this horrible (we think) disease.

I would be the first to try “The temple explodes the chicken cube” for sure. Sounds delightful. :slight_smile:

I was expecting "Nava con queso."

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Was there a Little Spanish Shop Owner helping out in the kitchen with the menu?

You think I could get it with a large Diet Bite the Wax Tadpole? :wink:

I’ll pass on the Steamed Crap, though.

I think it means exactly what she thinks it means, Chewbasha*.

'Cause you’re a Wooshiee.

I understood it. I was just, y’know … 'cos Inigo … Spaniard … bah, never mind.