Speak to me in thread titles

Let’s see if anyone can make this 8 lines.

What stupid thing did you do as a kid for which you were caught and were NOT punished?

I object to JohnClay’s very existence and everything he stands for.

Fuck me!
Existing fucking thread titles.

Skin tag removal

My apologies, I looked in the pit and did not see that:o. ETA Really can’t see a connection to previous post though

Is the skin of an apple salty if found in sea water?

What is really known about the food requirements of cats?

Ask the Bus Driver

Ask the former ice cream truck driver!

Where to purchase porn DVDs?

Fan clubs?

Exactly what law prohibits me from possessing a functional nuclear weapon in the USA?

The Infamous German Beer Purity Law of 1516?

Tell me about your ice cream maker.

How do I refill an old biology specimen tube with preservative?

Ask the guy who’s pretty good at SF story identification.

Can “Snowpiercer” possibly not be as stupid as it sounds?

Would a naked 4 year old on a beach disturb you?