Speak to me only in Straight Dope Message Board quotes

"Inspired by this thread and a post in CS about the Simpsons, let’s start a discussion/story where you must respond with a quote from the Simpsons’. You may quote the TV show (including the Tracey Ullman shorts) as well as the movie. Treehouse of Horror episodes do count, even though they are outside of the main series’ continuity. Quotes from licensed products such as video games don’t count.

Hi everybody!"


I’m a “high” quadriplegic, my spinal cord having been completely severed (which is actually very rare), at my 4th cervical vertebra (that’s the fourth from the very tippy-top) during some ill-advised snowboarding shenanigans when I was 14 years old. As a result, I was permanently paralyzed from the neck down.


I’ll start citing, as we all did in our doctoral dissertations, at the moment a requirement to do so comes into effect. (As in, dictated by the moderators of this board, not by a few random posters). I won’t even wait for everyone else to start conforming to that golden standard before I do it myself.

In the meantime, it’s a really stupid way to express your disagreement with something a person says by bleating, “Cite, cite, cite.” People assert things without cited proof all the time. That doesn’t mean such assertions are untrue–it means they didn’t want to clutter up the discussion.

Oops, I misread. I thought we were responding with SDMB quotes.


…and you assumed that just because it was the title of the thread and in large letters at the beginning of the first post?

I don’t have a quote, either SDMB or Simpsons.

My post is my cite.

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Rule 34.

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