Speaking of rednecks...ideas please

There have been many posts here about troublesome neighbours, I’ve even written one earlier myself. I was hoping you all could come up with some interesting and inventive ways to encourage some undesirable neighbours to perhaps consider selling up and moving on to a neighbourhood more suited to their lifestyle.

We have been nothing but accommodating to these people since they moved in but a recent dispute over a fence has them being openly vindictive and even more annoying, if that’s possible. It’s getting to the point of all out war.

I know we could move, but with the condition of their place, and the recent new additions of more old vehicles and junk to their front yard, our property value would be greatly reduced, and really why should we have to? As long as this family continues to live there, we will never have a moment’s peace.

Now I’m looking for things which aren’t going to land us in jail, I understand this makes it more difficult but I’m open to any and all ideas.

Does the local council have any regulations they may be contravening?

What about any health or safety issues? Does their stuff spill over outside their property in any way?

Noise issues? You can call the police.

Thanks AndrewT but we have checked with the local council about the state of the property but unfortunately there are no restrictions or regulations in this area. We’ve also exhausted the noise problem which is primarily barking dogs and screaming kids, not a police concern.

I was really after ideas which were a little out of the box. Anyone? Anyone?

i’ve got a good friend who is pretty good at being the opposite side - he’s the neighbor from hell (and yeah, he’s a redneck). he’s particularly good at finding people buttons, and poking them until they got batshit crazy.

he’s currently got neighbors that all get along fine with him, but that’s because all the ones who didn’t moved away.

he’s had the cops called on him dozens of times, and he’s very good at not only staying within the letter of the law, but spending time chatting with the officers, both to stay on their good side, and to find out exactly how close he can get to the line without crossing it.

i’d say the issue is one of mindset, you’ve got to have the attitude that you control the situation, and your neighbors are your pawns in whatever little game you want to play.

unfortunately for you, it seems that you’ve already lost the battle…

I understand the Burning Cross On the Lawn has had good results. (Joking)

Are they next door? What’s the fence dispute about? I was going to suggest privacy fences for you, but I’m not sure if that’s what the dispute is already about.

If you’re on speaking terms, you might suggest they sell the old cars, have a yard sale. Even give them tips on how to go about it. Make them think you’re on their side, as in “you could get upwards of $200 for that car on EBay.” Maybe fixing the problem is a way to go about it, if they won’t move and you don’t want to. Just a thought. ~S

Wait until they go away for a weekend. If necessary pay for this.
Then, place a sign reading “Pre-loved cars- salvage what you can!!” or similar on the lawn. Take out an ad in the local paper: House in need of demolition- payment on completion. When they complain to you about this, act innocent and say, “I hear that NEVER happens in <insert distant town>”

Seriously though, if they are rednecks and not very educated, write an anonymous letter asking them not to do whatever it is that annoys you, and make it sound technical, eg ‘Clause 17 paragraph 2 of the 1978 noise act forbids canine reverberations of such magnitude as to exceed aural pleasure- hence stop your dogs from barking’ and the odds are they will probably do it.

I had a neighbor from hell. He was an ex-con, had lots of illegal guns, and was obviously dealing drugs. He complained constantly about the location of the fence between our property. (The fence sort of meandered through the woods, partly on my side of the line, partly on his.)

I found the only way to live next to him was simply to ignore him as much as possible, but not to back down whenever he got especially troublesome.

Eventually, the Drug Enforcement Administration raided his place. They seized his trucks, tractor, and guns. He’s in the process of pleading guilty to charges that will get him 15 years minimum.

I think it’s a mistake to attempt to interact with these kinds of people. They don’t appreciate any acts of kindness, which they see merely as weakness on your part. On the other hand, you can’t chase them out, because they love a good fight.

My advice is to disengage as much as possible. Call law enforcement when necessary, and simply wait them out. People like this nearly always destroy themselves somehow.