Special Thank You for tatertot and mysterious benefactor

I got my advent calendar and eggs! Hooray!
I love it, I love it, I love it!

I had no idea what Kinder eggs were (or how big they are!), and I have to say they are the BEST. Yum, yummy, yum! And with fun surprises in 'em! I plan on sharing my eggs with my neices and others, and I really wanted to thank you guys. You’ve made my Christmas!

(PS- those things are sinfully good. I’m glad they don’t sell them around here!)

Although my Kinder Eggs haven’t yet arrived, I had a dream about them last night. Anticipating that they might be here today, I composed a little poem for the occassion.


Ode to Mysterious Benefactor and tatertot
[sub](with apologies in advance for mangling the English language – poetry is not my strong point)[/sub]

There once were some Dopers, quite a big lot
Who were feeling down and rather distraught
When faced with the terrible, saddening thought
That Twisty’s Christmas gift they had not got.
To cheer up this group and make their teeth rot,
Kinder Eggs someone went out and bought.
What two people have with their generosity our hearts caught?
None other than Mysterious Benefactor and tatertot!
You guys rock!

Just a bump and another thank you- I’m enjoying one of these right now! (yes, I cheated on the Advent calendar part) They’re just so damned good!

Oh, and what a cool prize!! It’s a little plastic duck and he has a head that spins around. When you spin it, some metal on the inside of the head and on the neck part rub and he quacks! Awwwww… (it actually sounds remarkably like nails on a blackboard!)

Life is good with my stash 'o eggs…Thanks again!


Mine arrived while I was out sick, but as soon as I came back in the office I called James over to my cubicle. I explained that I’d been wanting to do something nice for him since he had to cut his hours in our department, and I knew he liked kinder eggs, and I had a friend overseas that had some, and… well… here you go, buddy, and merry Xmas.

He was THRILLED. He was all excited at the prospect of having them, and kept thanking me. I felt all warm and fuzzy the whole day.

Today he stopped me as I walked by his cubicle and showed me the prize from the Dec. 1 egg… a little Xmas-tree ornament.

So let me add my thanks, and James’s, to zette’s. Tatertot, you and your mysterious pal are the best!

And the folks who got the plain eggs will have to wait just a wee bit longer because I had the worst time finding boxes ect. But they are coming!!!

Mysterious Benefactor says you’re welcome. Why don’t you try and guess who it is? Hint: It’s not me.

Is it a Euro-Doper?

No, they are all cheap. :wink:

Hmm… So no cheap EuroDopers…

How about Zette? She is the Angel of the Internet, after all. Maybe she felt bad that some of us weren’t getting Advent Calendars and offered up some money for tater to get extra Kinder Eggs. The fact that she thanks Mysterious Benefactor in the thread title is meant to throw people of the track. Am I right? What do I win? :smiley:

You are half right, MB did get eggs, but s/he has not posted to this thread, nor to the original one, IIRC.

Well, in the original thread, tater said,

so I know that MB is a female.

Zette mentioned,

I propose that Mysterious Benefactor is the poster who received Zette’s Monet mug. Inspired by Zette’s goodness, she wanted to make sure all of the nonwinners enjoyed the deliciousness of Kinger Eggs. I have no idea who this woman is, of course. I’ve been searching through old posts for a while (it’s better than doing German homework), but haven’t come across anything yet.

Damn it, tater, this is almost as bad as the Insane Plot.

Perhaps it is somehow connected with the Insane Plot. Ain’t saying it is, ain’t saying it isn’t. Hmmmm…I suppose you could ask the official Communications Coordinator for taterEvil, inc. but he won’t be back online until Monday. Bwahahahaha!

Although for five dollars and a porkchop, I’ll give you his mobile number. Don’t worry about bothering him, he’s gotten weirder phone calls. :wink:

I will tell you this, MB is a woman, but I have no idea if Zette sent her a mug or not.

A porkchop? Could that be a clue? (I can just imagine my call to the Communications Coordinator: “Hi, Twisty? Serendipity here. Yes, I realize that it’s 2am, but I really, desperately need to know what the Mysterious Benefactor has to do with the Insane Plot. Oh, and while I’ve got you on the line, could you explain hurling to me? It’s like field hockey, right?”)

Do you think we could at least get a hint as to MB’s true identity? Pretty please with sugar on top?

I can’t find the chocolate ones anywhere. I’d be willing to reciprocate with homemade fudge or backrubs, if you’re in the SoCal area.

Serendipity, she lives west of you and north of ChefTroy.

Phouka, I’d mail you one, but it probably wouldn’t get there until day 23. Perhaps another doper will know where to get one in the States.

Oh, well, that certainly narrows it down! :wink:

Okay, she lives west of Zette, too, does that help? :wink:

Hmmm, let me think. She has attended doperfests, but I haven’t met her IRL.

And her user name has more than 4 fewer than 7 letters.

That help any?

Just a guess

Word math problems are not my bally-wick.

Well, it wasn’t me, but now I wish it was! I would be willing to bet it’s Falcon. I just have this feeling…although I don’t know if she ever posted to the egg pages.


I was thinking about Falcon, too, but then I checked the original thread. She did indeed post there, asking for the third place prize. Back to the drawing board, I guess.