Spectrum accounts receivable software -- Exporting file

One of our members is using Spectrum accounting software. They send a .pdf file that was obviously generated by a program. They seem to be printing the report, scanning it as a .pdf, and sending the .pdf to me. Does anyone know if Spectrum can export it as an Excel fie instead? If so, how?

I’ve never heard of Spectrum (I’ve always used Quickbooks), so if you’re really hoping for an excel file, I can’t help. However, if a PDF that hasn’t been printed and scanned back in works, most windows programs, when you print something, you can change the printer to ‘PDF printer’ (or something similar) and it’ll spit out a PDF that you can save. Otherwise, at the very least, I’d assume it has the ability to generate a CSV file, which you should be able to import into excel with a minimum of monkeying around.