Speeding up the Vaccine Shots

I’ve also read that there are theoretical reasons to think a nasal vaccine, like flumist, might be better for covid. I think some are in development.

Too bad you couldn’t just waft “covidmist” vaccine continuously in certain places. I’m going to be very annoyed if a large enough contingent refuses to be vaccinated that we can’t go back to mostly normal.

Want to enter a sports arena? Pass through the mist room.

Pass through the mist room at 3 and 6 weeks before the sports or concert event would be needed.

Flu mist vaccinations take as long to administer as an injection. The flu mist vaccine also proved to be less efficacious in some age groups than injectable versions-that might be a hurdle to herd immunity.

Yes, I know those things. I’m not saying it would make it safe that time. I’m saying it’s too bad we can’t just “mist” the people who refuse, while they go about their business. And I’m saying “it’s too bad” because I also know all the reasons why we don’t, and can’t, do that.

Got it.

There’s about a thousand sordid stories in that single photograph in the Wiki article. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d start a short fiction contest thread based on it.