Spending that tax refund at HSN

I’ve never bought anything from Home Shopping Network. Please tell me I won’t regret this…

I ordered a Mustek digital camera with all the software and 2-yr warranty - $328. It’s got decent resolution (something like 850,000 pixels), and stores 60 pix, so no storage cards needed. Flash, red-eye reduction, all that jazz. Software looks great too - you can print single pictures or sheets, add “frames,” make calendars, greeting and playing cards, etc., hooks up to the TV to do a slide show, yadda yadda yadda.

Going by what I see in the ads, this is a decent price and how bad could it be? Since it’s all digital and most of those components are made by the same companies and used in all kinds of brands… I’ve already got a Mustek scanner (paid only $19!!) that I’m quite pleased with, so I’m assuming I won’t have any trouble getting the software to “talk.”

What have YOU bought from Home Shopping Network?

StoryTyler, Cyb-Killer
“Not everybody does it, but everybody should.”

As much as I hate the concept of millions of old ladies in the bible belt sitting at home ordering crap from HSN, I have heard that they have become a pretty reputable corporation. My mom actually bought a computer from one of those things. It wasn’t really any BETTER of a deal than she could’ve got elsewhere, but she was happy with the puter and the service. Good luck!

Guess who’s the official photographer at the next Nor Cal Doper meeting Tyler? :wink:

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Oh jeez, the pressure! Maybe I can catch DD not looking drunk (nahhh… it’s digital, it’s not magic!) HA!

(You know I’m just funnin’ ya, hon, right?)

StoryTyler, Cyb-Killer
“Not everybody does it, but everybody should.”


I noticed they are captioning their sales now which is interesting.

Also, with ANY digital camera, you need rechargable batteries. Believe me they eat them quickly.

What’s a tax refund?

I phoned the Home Shopping Network and they hung up on me. WTF?

The lady said, “Home Shopping Network. May I help you?”

I said, “Nah. I’m just looking.”



Thanks for the tip, handy! Are we talking about the regular old rechargable-type batteries/rechargers - which you can get at the local drugstore/hardware store? Or some kind of newfangled chromium-plated, plutonium-charged, genetically altered, miniaturized and irradiated, digitally remastered and super-modulated, money-sucker kind of special rechargable camera battery…?

Heh! I bought a condo mid-1998, so I’ve finally got something to deduct! YAY ME!

StoryTyler, Cyb-Killer
“Not everybody does it, but everybody should.”

I have no info on HSN for you, but I will make a somewhat relevant comment on your last post.

We have a Sony Digital Mavica here at work. The battery in that sucker usually lasts about 2 hours and recharges from 120VAC in about 1 hour. We were looking at buying a spare battery just recently and found that it goes for 60 to 70 bucks. Of course, this may have absolutely no bearing on the Mustek and right now I lack the ambition to search for any data on it. Take this for what it is worth; not much I’m sure.

Story, I use the cheap common AA rechargeables. Have to recharge before each use, or should anyway. But you can get a power supply to plug into wall for some cameras like the one I have.