Spicy McHaggis Sandwich

Inspired by The Dropkick Murphys’ Spicy McHaggis Jig, I’ve finally attempted to make a Spicy McHaggis Sandwich.

I mixed up some flour, cayenne pepper, salt, and paprika, and formed a haggis patty. Two problems: The first is that the haggis is fairly dry, so it didn’t hold its shape very well. Undaunted, I determined to cook the bits that did hold together. Now, if you’ve ever had haggis, you know that it turns into organ mush when you cook it. So problem two: The crumbly patty turned into organ mush in grease. And it’s pretty greasy stuff anyway.

Hm. Too dry to hold together out of the can, and too porridge-like when it’s heated. Maybe it needs a batter instead of a coating? Might work, if it holds together long enough to get it into the pan, and for the batter to form a shell.

But I don’t feel like it. I’ll just have a bowl of haggis for dinner.

Batter it and deep fry it.

I haven’t tried this, mind, but between Scotland and the American state fair circuit I think we’ve established that anything can be battered and deep fried.

Throw it on a bun, add some chips/fries for extra carbs, and die a happy man. Quite soon.

What if you make up the haggis puck, freeze it solid and then batter and fry it, sort of like one does deep fried ice cream? If you are worried about the organs not getting cooked, you could always make the haggis in a cylindrical mold [can with the top removed makes a great impromptu pudding mold] and gently unmold it, slice it into pucks, freeze and then deepfry after battering.

Why am I now seeing the deep fried haggis puck as the basis of some new cross cuisine nouvelle tasting menu with single malt pearls and a froth of potato in a molded fried turnip cup … :dubious::rolleyes: