Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer online

I wonder if Venom will just make a quick appearance at the end, setting up Spidey 4?

That’s more or less what I’m hearing. Sandman is the main villain in this one, but they will do Spidey 4 with Venom.

I guess Green Goblin is also the side villain in this one as well.

Thanks to Youtube I’ve now seen it…

Eh… I did like the one shot of the Sandman.

This looks like it might be going down the road of Superman 3 with Peter all of a sudden having a darkside and playing way too much on that and the black costume.

What, no one’s rooting for a Man-Wolf appearance?

I was sure rooting for one when I saw J.J. Jr in the second movie. I said “oh sweet, Manwolf”. Then my wife said " :rolleyes: ".

Actually, I had been hoping that the shark-jumping moment of the series would involve The Rhino, but I guess it’s not to be… :frowning: