Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer online

Here ya go! Thank me later!


Quicktime sucks.

Here it is on YouTube.

I think you misspelled “RealPlayer”

Oh no, Quicktime sucks too.

For myself:
Real Player runs 70-80% of the time.
Quicktime never ever f-ing works.

I’m with you. I had to scrub every trace from my computer or RP kills it dead.

BTW: nice trailer! :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s with the uh…better box this: …dark spidey? I haven’t read any of the comics since I was seven. Is this a known storyline?

What? You don’t know aboutthe Black costume?

Spidey got an all black (white spider emblem) costume during the Secret Wars storyling back in the early 80s. He kept it for several years… the costume itself was a living symbiote that tried to permanently bond with Spidey, he got rid of the costume and it found its way to Peter Parker rival Eddie Brock… who became VENOM.

Yes. It’s the symbiotic alien suit that Spidey got. He eventually ditched it, and it found Eddie Brock, and the two of them became Venom. Though I suspect they will nto have the suit be alien, and probably go with an explaination of his being a spawn of Peter Parker’s psyche, or something, as a result of the genetic spider bite.

Ah, right. I remember this now. Thanks for the info!

Congratulations – that’s the most succinct explanation I’ve every heard or read of the black costume. Can you come explain that to my friend’s six-year-old son, who, since seeing stills from the movie, has been querying my friend and I for weeks about why Spidey’s costume is black?

Sure. Just send me airfar and set me up at the nearest 2 star motel.

I could also explain the clone saga…but I don’t want to be accused of child abuse.

Oh ho ho ho…now that sounds VERY interesting. And nope, I’ve never heard of the black costume before, or VENOM for that matter…or Eddie Brock… considering it’s been almost 30 years since I’ve picked up a Spider-Man comic book.

Still love the movies, though.

And was that a glimpse of Parker dancing with Gwen Stacey? Hmm! Yes, the teaser did its job I think.

Yep, that’s Gwen Stacy, as portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard (Ron’s daughter) of The Village and next month’s Lady in the Water.

My only concern about Spider-Man 3 is that Raimi’s going to try to cram too much into it: in addition to the MJ/Gwen Stacy storyline, you’ve got the Sandman, you’ve got another Green Goblin, and you’ve got Eddie Brock (and all that could imply if they decide to venture into Venom territory).

After what he did with the first two movies, though, I’m more than willing to give Raimi the benefit of the doubt.

Odd to see Parker tearing open his shirt to reveal the black costume. One of the perks of the comic-book symbiote is that it could change its appearance to street clothes as necessary.
It was almost worth losing your sooooooulllllll…

All I can say is, Topher Grace looks pretty psycho in that clip. I had my doubts, but fewer now!

Raimi seems to have a problem with hair color.

MJ (a redhead in the comics) is played by naturally blonde Kirsten Dunst.

Gwen Stacy (a blonde in the comics) is played by naturally redheaded Bryce Dallas Howard.

I don’t know why, but that strikes me as vaguely amusing.


J. Jonah Jameson Jr. returns from a mission from space with mysterious sample. This sample bonds itself to Peter Parker and gives him enhanced powers along with a new suit. Using his new found powers Peter must face the second Green Goblin, Harry Osborn after Harry discovered Spider-Man’s true identity. Eventually Harry seeks help from Sandman, a new villain who was transformed due to radiation from an atomic bomb being tested.

From the IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0413300/plotsummary

I was never a fan of the comics, but I remember seeing some cartoon episodes on TV and that summary seems to fit into the little Spider-Man history that I know of.

I’m looking forward to this! I knew it wouldn’t be out til next year, and of course it was going to be a “summer blockbuster” but DAMN May 4th is an awfully long way away!