Spider-man: No Way Home - Seen it thread (open spoilers)

I’ve heard it said that Garfield was the best Spider-man, Maguire the best Peter, and Tom Holland a mix of both. I’d agree-Garfield was good in his movies, but they were pretty meh. Tobey is always serviceable. Holland is usually great.

A few thoughts about this film (not all my own):

Does this mean Ned never gets to explore his magic?

They should have swapped out the Lizard for Paul Giamatti Rhino. (sorry, you were a sub-par baddie. No offense to Rhys Ifans ). And bring back Mysterio-Holland never really got to fight one of his bad guys. Not that he has any yet…

Maybe Zedeya as Venom? Think of that fight. He has to take her out without letting her know who he is and why it’s so emotional for him. And if the symbiote knows and twists the truth in explaining it…

I wish their suits were a little more different at the end. Parker 2 & 3 were a little too similar.

Personally, I thought Garfield was better than Maguire as Spider-Man, and Maguire was better than Garfield as Peter, but Holland was better than either at both.

Maybe? It’s not at all clear how the “Forget Peter Parker” spell works. Personally, I’m with @Push_You_Down:

So, he might have some memory of interacting with Doctor Strange and learning to use a Sling Ring, but he’d just kind of glide over the bits with Peter, and because Magic!, it wouldn’t even seem weird to him. Or he might completely forget it. Whatever works for the particular story he’s next used in.

That does make sense. A little snippet of him in the Sanctum would have been nice, though. And I wonder if Strange remembers-or did he blank his own mind, too? I can see an argument for either side of that one.

ISTR it being mentioned that he would forget as well. Which is going to make the upcoming Doctor Strange film interesting if he’s meddled in the multiverse in a big way and doesn’t remember doing it.

Yeah, the whole mess was created in the first place by trying to add exceptions to the Forgetting spell. No one, including Doctor Strange, remembers Peter Parker.

I suspect that in his movie, Doctor Strange will remember having meddled with the Multiverse, and that whatever multiversal crisis is happening is at least in part due to his hubris, but both his memories and the movie itself will just glide over the details.

A small thing-but they mention an episode of the old Equalizer show was filmed in the area below the Sanctum. What was behind that?

It was a joke? I don’t think anything deeper than that was intended.

But Rhino was from the same movie as Electro, leaving out Lizard would have included no one from the first Garfield movie. The selection of villains was meant to include one from each pre-Holland movie.

I’m looking for style, not substance! Do you want Paul Giamatti in a Rhino suit and a terrible Russian accent in your movie or not?! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: He can break into a liquor store with Thomas Haden Church!

Also, all the villains needed be “cured” in some way. Wasn’t Rhino just a dude in a mech suit?

He could be cured with the power of love!