Spike vs. Spike vs. Spike vs. Spike

Is your choice this one?
This one?
This one?
Or him?

I’m shocked that a Doper would forget this guy.

ummm…who’s that?


One of several write-ins who will be smugly added later.

Lurrrve the Dope!


Most definitely this one.

There is but One True Spike, and that is William the Bloody (#3). The rest are just posers, even the dog.

Except that my dad has been known as ‘Spike’ since he was a kid. It was tough to reconcile the two for a while, but since I think of dad as, well, dad, I’ve gotten over it.

What about Spike?

Buffyverse Spike by a mile.

Of course, after this one, there can be no further additions.

You poor, twisted boys.


Honorable mention to Spike.

I thought that was going to be a link to Spike.

Oh yeah. Him too. Can’t believe I forgot that one.

And of course, you cannot forget Spike.

However, my vote goes for Robot Arm’s Spike, with panamajack’s a close second for the solid fundamentals.

I vote for the dog from the MGM cartoons. And his son Tyke.

I don’t know about him being the best Spike, but I know he could beat up both Spike and Spike.

Nah. [slap!]