Spiritual successor to Fireball Island? (board game)

Went with my fiance and her 9 y/o to visit my parents a couple weekends ago. Got to digging around in the game closet and pulled out good old Fireball Island.

Hadn’t played it for years, but I remembered it being a good time…and also causing a lot of fights between my and my brother! (No, you may NOT nudge your token to the veryveryedge of the space before I roll the fireball. Quit cheating.)

The kiddo was really in to it, having won his first game. He wanted to take it home, but it belongs at Grammy and Gramps’ house, so I thought I’d try to find it and buy a copy for his birthday.

Um. Those things don’t come cheap. Worth some bucks now, prohibitively expensive for a birthday present.

So game buffs, are there any similar 3d board games that FEEL and PLAY a lot like Fireball Island that I can grab for him instead?

Also, feel free to make this a general discussion about Fireball Island. I knew it was a fun game, but until I Googled it I didn’t realize that it’s a little bit famous.

A couple games I would recommend that are similar enough but definitely not substitutes (and around enough to be available):

PitchCar-design your own racetrack and race each other around it by flicking little wooden discs. We have it and bring it out for parties and adults even love playing it. About $65

Loopin’ Louie. A simple dexterity/motorized game where a plane is trying to hit your chickens while you defend them. Again, what could be a kids’ game is a lot of fun for adults. About $15

Survive. Similar in theme but not in game play. You’re trying to ship your inhabitants off of a shrinking island that’s about to blow up. Just re-released for about $30-40.

Then there’s Mouse Trap…which exists but I don’t really recommend it.

Also, could you buy and swap one of these with Fireball Island?

You could try The Adventurers. You play a bunch of Indiana Jones types trying to get through a trap-laden temple with as much loot as you can carry. I’ve only played it one, so I’m not sure how well it holds up in the long run, but I enjoyed it the time I tried it.

Ooh, those all sound like fun!

I also wonder if he’d like Talisman. The only drawback to that is the super-long gameplay.

You might find this thread from BoardgameGeeks helpful.

Ah, that is the right thing.

The Adventurers says the age is 13+…does that sound right or could a 9 y/o pick it up?

There are two versions of the Adventurers, Temple of Chac and Pyramid of Horus. I’ve got the latter and it really depends on the kid of course. A big component of the game is the push-your-luck aspect. Spend too much time gathering treasure and you could get trapped forever. If your child can mitigate that, or at least understand that there are consequences (losing) if he stays there, it should be alright.

If anything, the guys at Shut Up & Sit Down do an amusing review of the game.