Splitting the Difference--Dead Thread for The Split

For those of you watching the Werewolf game but not actually playing.

No active players may read or post here!

Are they really giving Daphne grief because she’s active? :eek:

And Scuba Ben is wrong. Daphne’s vote wasn’t pure OMGUS. There was no vote first of all, and second of all the smudge was baseless. And Seeker claims to have seen the error of her ways by unvoting her lone vote on the person she smudges and voting with the crowd. I don’t really get it. It would gain a vote from me if I were playing.

Yeah, me too - that “oh I think Daphne is scummy based on a ‘gut feeling’ but I’m not gonna vote for her I’m gonna vote for someone else” is scummy. Even if it’s just inexperience - dang, you just don’t do that.

I’m thinking that Seeker isn’t quite getting the whole “substitute” idea…he certainly doesn’t seem to get that if they “test” november and lynch november’s sub, then it really is testing & lynching the same person, since they’re both essentially roleplayers for a single role.

Hey, this game looks fun. I love watching new folks play, it is so much more interesting than watching our same old group over and over.

And due to the non-participation of Day 1’s lynchee, I’m the first player to the chips & dip. The good news is, I’ve been Killed before I freak out.

Hoopy Frood, please show me how my evaluation was wrong, so I can read such a situation better next time.

Anybody have any clues to why I was Killed? Or was it just a random Werewolf hunt?

Well, to be true OMGUS, the votee had to have already voted for the voter. Seeker didn’t vote Daphne, she just smudged her for being active.

But that’s beside the point. Even had Seeker voted Daphne, Daphne’s vote wouldn’t have been OMGUS. Level of activity is a null tell. I’m usually one of the most prolific posters, and in my six games I’ve played, I’ve been Town 4 times, Scum once, and a quasi-Scum PFK once.

The smudging was not only not supported by vote, but it was baseless. Even if it had had a vote, it wasn’t a case of OMGUS, because the reasons for finding Daphne suspicious were rather ridiculous. Prolific posting of game-relevant discussion is pro-town. Not posting is anti-town. Voting/smudging someone for simply spurring discussion will almost always get a vote from me in turn, regardless of who you voted for. Becuase it’s a horrible reason to vote. Even on Day One. Unless you can actually give evidence that the poster is trying to swing the discussion in an anti-town/pro-scum way (which I saw nothing of in Daphne’s posts), the vote is unjustified.

I have no problems with Lynch-the-Lurker as a default strategy. Because people not posting hurts town. There are frequently better strategies to use when voting, but LtL removes elements that are not acting in town’s best interest regardless of what their alignment actually is. Sachertorte is on to something when he says that the only way to stop anti-town behavior is to punish it. So while I find LtL is a lousy way to find scum for any given case, it’s a great way to aid in finding scum from a metagame, because it encourages people to post relevant game content.

Hah, I was wondering when the first “mass claim” suggestion was gonna come in.

Interesting behavior…man I’m glad I didn’t sign up for this game. I always panic and screw things up for my side, no matter what side I’m on.

I am not spoiled, but this game is going very differently than I think it would have if there were more seasoned players in the mix, and I don’t know if that is good of bad.

Personally I would be all over Elindil’s Heir for being scummier than scum in his thought process and posting habbits, but it doesn’t look like anyone is noticing him much yet, probably because all of the “scum tells” he is displaying are things that newer players wouldn’t know to pick up on since us old hands have driven them out of our play.

I also agree with what Hoopy posted above re: lynch the lurker. It isn’t a great strategy for catching scum, but for the first Day or Two I don’t think that town should be as worried about catching scum as they are about generating information. Lynch the lurker, if done right, can genereate a lot of good information.

Totally agree. Yeah, I know, SCUMTELL! :smiley:

LtL is a fairly valuable tool, especially on Day 1 and 2, because it DOES encourage people to post, and gets them in the habit of doing so.

Elendil’s Heir is someone I’ve been watching, as well…and I’ll be interested to see what Telcontar’s role is.

I think that people have also forgotten it’s not “Town vs Scum”, it’s “Ranchers vs Farmers vs Wolves”…and that can potentially make a big difference later on in the game. Granted, right now they’re best off trying to target Scum, but later on …

I’m interested to see how that pans out. Usually in the games I’ve played, if there’s 2 Town factions, and only one can win, each of them has some sort of mechanism for either self-identification, or elimination of the other two groups (the Scumgroup AND the other Town group). Not sure how the mechanism of this game is working, yet…it appears to be just “hope that the Wolves and Lynches take out more of THEM-Town than YOU-Town”. Pretty random.

I need a sub for Lemur866.

Hoopy, DogMom, you want in?

(I think I gave away too much to NAF, sorry, so he can’t sub in.)

pedescribe, I’d love to but I wasn’t kidding - I completely panic and lose my shit when I play these games. I adore watching and trying to figure it out, and it really is a lot of fun, but I’d be doing bad bad things to my own side if I played.
If you absolutely cannot find anyone else to play, tag me, but I think I’d like to give someone else a try first.

I didn’t want to play anyway, so there :p.

But I think I will take those spoilers you offered me.

DogMom, you won’t stop panicing unless you play more. Sub in, this game seems fairly relaxed.

But but but…
I tried on the Mafia site already - a LOT - and I sucked.
I got all the town killed in one game
Then I personally fell for the Two Scum Ganging Up On Each Other ploy - several times - and LOST THE GAME for my Town Team…
Then as the “Godfather” in one game I totally tanked it, and almost was the Very First Lynch - and then Real Life interfered and I had to quit anyway, and the person who replaced me barely pulled the game out of the fire and had to fight off MAJOR suspicion the rest of the game because of my sucky play.

I’m really good at posting a lot of words that ultimately mean nothing, apparently. But as for analysis and stuff…not so much.

What mafia site? Unless it was our site then it probably wasn’t the same.

No, no, mafiascum or somesuch.
Doesn’t matter, these games always make me panic and lose it.

I prefer to watch from the sidelines, armchair quarterbacking, and deciding after the fact that I Knew It All Along. :smiley:

Yep. I find it interesting that it seems Town is rather unconcerned about the alignments of its own members. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and Town is just asking for a strong player to completely swing momentum to his faction.

But right now, it seems no one is doing this, so just concerning yourselves with wolves is a usable strategy for now, but I won’t be surprised if someone decides to take advantage of the factional divisions in the later stages of the game. Especially if they decide to mass claim it. All it takes is for one side of the Town to get the upper hand, and once the wolves are gone, that side will win. And the wolves have two ways to play it:

  1. Keep it balanced so that town on the whole is concerned about one faction getting control (meh strategy):

  2. Decimate one side of town so much that they get scared and create infighting among the town. (Mmmm…delicious townfolk…)

In fact, if I was wolf, I would think about encouraging a mass claim just for that reason, and honestly as town I’d find anyone pushing for mass claim suspicious. I can already guarantee you that the wolves have decided how to split their little group among the town factions. (And if they haven’t by now, they deserve to lose.)

But you should join in DogMom. I don’t play in more than one game at a time. It’s a personal rule. (Though, I do break it for minis occasionally.) I’m still in the offboard site game, so I won’t join this one at this point. And after the offboard game, I may take a break from playing Mafia for a bit anyway for a few reasons. I need to finish up the game Naf, Rysto, and I are designing; I’ll probably be swamped with real life stuff; and I need to recharge my batteries. I may help people mod for a bit, but I’ll probably take a few months off as a player, unless a game really peaks my interest.

I’ll sub if I’m really needed, but I’d prefer not to.

And to prevent panicking, remember, it’s just a game. Fight against your death with all you’ve got, but don’t fear it. The good part of dying is you get to find out the whole story. If you slip, so be it. If a game is designed so that one player can truly lose it for their side, that’s not a very well designed game. Also, there is a lot of newbieness in this game, which means you’ll no doubt get a lot more “forgiveness” in your mistakes than you would in a less-newbie game. (From what I understand of mafiascum, they play games with an intensity level similar to us. But they also have been doing it longer and are considerably bigger. I think the Dope and offboard site as a community would still be fairly young in maturity level with Mafia games as compared to them. But from what I gather, we’re still heads-and-shoulders above some other sites out there.)

Oh, HF, I don’t fear DYING, to be honest - I just hate to let “my side” down, ya know?

And OMG the guys on the mafiascum boards are seriously intense.

ETA: I’ll consider volunteering, but I gotta give it some time. Meanwhile, I’ll hope that pedescribe can find another, more competent replacement and I can continue to pretend that I knew all along who was the scum and who wasn’t. :smiley:

I just saw Daphne’s post about why mass claim is bad for town.

And people are thinking she’s scummy? Honestly?

I don’t get it. She’s made some of the most astute pro-town posts in this game. Sure she could be scum playing pro-town very well, but that’s hard to discern at this point, and the reaons people suspect her are bad. If I were playing the game as town I’d be combing through both Seeker and Telecontar’s posts with a fine-toothed comb. Especially since Telecontar seems to be driving very hard against her for bad reasons. It screams newbie scum to me.

Seeker’s pursual reads as a null tell to me right now, but Telecontar is dripping with scummitude.

Granted, unless I’m playing, I typically don’t go back and review posting history, so this is mostly just what I’m getting from following the thread in order. (Call it the Rugger method of Mafia.)

I agree, they take the game way more seriously than anyone over here does, and I like to think that we play it better than they do. You can’t let down your side. It’s a team effort, and any well designed game (and I am sure that Pede designed this game well) won’t allow for one player to make that much difference on their own.

Unless you are scum and post the names of your scum team mates to the game thread (don’t laugh it’s happened) I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Just get in there and have fun. That’s what these newbie games are all about.