Spoil Battlestar Galatica for me

I am a regular for Stargate SG1 and Atlantis, but really didn’t follow BSG. I caught a bit here and there, but saw the finale tonight on NBC. I may want to follow this.

So, what’s the deal with the (invisible) person that the doctor (Alexander Siddig?) has sex with that no one else can see?

Can you point me to a site that has nicely detailed recaps so I can figure out what is going on?

Start here.

The hottie you are refering to is Six. She is a Cylon. She is all in his head (we think).

Almost all in his head.

For a shot-by-shot recap with extra snark, check these out. Spend a few hours.

He was having sex with her before the Cylon attack, and unwittingly helped her compromise the Human Defense computers(He was doing software modifications for the colonial defense computers, she helped him “improve” the computer code. “I rewrote half your code”. She basically put all these backdoors in that allowed the Cylons to cripple all the Human defenses, except Galactica)

Now she exists in his mind to him. She’s probably a chip that was implanted in his head, controlling him with sex and due to his lack of willpower. However, there’s still the possibility she’s a hallunciation, a visual manifestation of his guilt and mental instability.

Except she physically appeared on board the Galactica when he mocked her one too many times and nearly got him executed for treason. Good evidence that she is more than just a hallucination…
He also somehow knew where the key location in that refinery was, and I don’t buy that “god” told him.

Alexander Siddiq is in BSG?

I may have to watch it after all.

It’s not Alexander Siddig, it’s James Callis. They do look astoundingly similar.

But you should watch BSG anyway, Anaamika, 'cuz it’s really good.


It’s not him but another actore that looks and sounds like him. I thought it was him for weeks.

The newest Cylons look like humans. Like the old ones though there are many copies. So Six is in his head, (somehow) walking around on the fleet, and walking around back on Caprica. There could be hundreds of her or maybe half a dozen.

The one that he was sleeping with pre-attack was real. She interacted with other humans.

That was a different copy of her. That copy claimed to have no idea what he was talking about when he referenced the one in his head.

True, but then she disappeared into thin air, turning a corner with two marines following her.

The Six in Baltar’s head also knew he had to get off Galactica before “it” happened, in the season finale. Just a lucky guess they would run into a Basestar and Boomer would shoot the commander?

And from a few spoilers I’ve read, the first episode or two of the new season starting this Friday are going to be pretty intense.

I said that very likely, it is a chip in the head,which is a hell of a lot more then I conceded before the finale. However, I’m waiting for the next season before I say it’s defineatly so.

No? Criminy, they even sound alike.

By the way, is there any need to know anything about the old series to know what’s going on now?

Not really. There’s some overlap, like the Galatica fought in a huge war that ended 40 years ago, where they used the exact same technology like in the Original series. One could almost imagine that this one is in an alterate BSG universe where, instead of attacking during the Peace Ceremony, the war ended with the Cylons just retreating into deep space.

Nah. I watched it and followed it just fine, and I’ve never seen the original. It’s essentially a retelling of the original, as I understand it, with some significant changes. They explain all the background and whatnot as if it’s the only version.

A quick catch-up? Well, let’s see…

The Cylons were created by man.
They rebelled.
They evolved.
They look – and feel – human.
Some are programmed to think they ARE human.

There are many copies.

And they have a Plan.

How did we get two Boomers (I know there are many more), one pregnant with Helo’s (?) baby and one who shot Adama? I assume when one got stuck on the homeworld they made the split, but I didn’t see those episodes.

Boomer and Helo crash-landed on Caprica and had to make repairs. Just about the time they finished, their ship was approached by a mob of refugees. They took as many on board as they could, by lottery. Then, Helo recognized famed scientist Baltar in the mob, and gave his spot on the ship up for Baltar. Boomer piloted the ship away, leaving Helo stranded on Caprica. So, that Boomer is the one still on Galactica.

While on Caprica, a copy of Boomer hooked up with Helo. He was confused about why she came back, and she didn’t explain much that I recall. He thought she was the same Boomer who left on their ship, and she pretended that she was, up until the point Helo spotted a third copy of Boomer and figured out she was a Cylon.

Thanks, I saw the Boomer-piloted ship take off, then wondered how she managed to get back there in a convincing manner. Doesn’t sound like they spent too much time on that plot point. :slight_smile: Sounds like she (Boomer 2) knew she was a Cylon, and the assassin (Boomer 1) didn’t, but we still don’t know what her thought processes were that led her to shoot Adama. I may have to buy or at least rent the season 1 DVD.