Spongemom - cooling

got it.

My bad for re upping.


Okay, I guess. :confused:

Moving this from ATMB to the Pit, and closing it… since some of the principles aren’t around to reply to any comments.

Since I believe that Spongemom is now back from time-out, I’m re-opening this.

She’s back? Crap, hide the kittens!

HA! Good one.

Smatter with you people!! Where’s the link(s)???

Sorry, too much coffee. But still, what the hell is going on here?

OK Mynn help me out here. Spongemom was out for a “cooling off” period which I’m guessing you’re referring to??? And you’re … um … upset? Or something?

That OP is mighty mysterious. I can’t figure out what the heck you’re getting at. Would you mind actually, say, writing a short paragraph for those of us who aren’t so good at scrying and tea leaves?


Warning! Heck of a train wreck that thread is.

Yes, but spongemom got the warning in this thread.

Still, I have no fucking idea what Mynn’s post is about. She’s talking martian.

Yea, I remember that quite well. But that was in May. I’m curious what’s got Mynn worked up as of “Yesterday 08:15 PM”.

Perhaps this isn’t a pitting of spongemom but a pitting of the ‘cooling’ and now Mynn is sorry for re-upping to a board that would give SM a cooling off period.
Or mayhaps Mynn is writing in shorthand.

That was my take on it – Mynn is/was friends with spongemom and was pissy about the suspension, so she regrets her decision to pay for membership.

Which, IMO, is ridiculous. Spongemom was advised by a number of people to chill the fuck out and decided not to, so you know. To the corner with you.

Could be wrong, though, Mynn could be talking about… something else. What that would be, I’m not quite sure.

I recall Mynn threatening not to renew her membership this past Spring. Now that she has, she regrets her decision. Oh, well.


Hmmm…I read it as Mynn regretted sponsoring Spongemom. I don’t know if she did or not, but that is how it came across to me.

Will Spongemom be recanting her “fuck all of you” post?

I love it when people write these vague OPs as if they think everybody is following their little pathetic internet message-board dramas and hence know every little obscure thing they ambiguously reference.

Here’s a theory.

Mynn had sponsered Spongemom, and supports her in general.

But she didn’t realize that Spongemom was off on a cooling period, because she hadn’t seen the relevant thread.

The recent revival of the Spongemom thread (in the Sat on Cookie poop thread) has drawn this to her attention for the first time.

Now that she knows, she is angry and annoyed, and is planning to punish the board by depriving us all of her entertaining, detailed, communicative posts.

The “bye” and the sig seems to spell it out for me. Though I could be totally off base. Let me see if this helps.

bye = I’m leaving! Never, never evar will I be back

There are fools, damn fools, and teeming millions. = you are worse in my eyes than a damn fool

Live free or die. = I support the right of animals to die as they were meant to, violently

Death is not the worst of Evils. = My mind is a living hell, help me, O Satan!

Again, I could be interpreting it wrong. But, if I’m right, we will only get extra large font posts in reply.

Every fucking one of us? :eek:

Ooh, I think you’re on to something there.

Amen. Every once in a while people from my little messageboard IM me saying “So what do you think?” I usually respond a) “About what?” and b) “Who are you again?”