Spoof the News ... in Childhood Song!

Remember those old song parodies in MAD magazine…? What? You say you don’t even know what that is, you just know about the TV show. Okay. Well, screw you, kid.

I thought it would be a hoot to spoof the news to the tune of old songs we learned in childhood, on the playground, at church summer camp, that one Dana Dane tape your asshole friend played over and over and over again when all you wanted to do was hear Kool Moe Dee’s response to “Jack the Rapper.”

The Rules

  1. The first rule of Song Spoof is we don’t talk about Song Spoof
  2. Spoof children’s songs, please. TV sitcom themes okay.
  3. Songs must mock something recently newsworthy.
  4. Points for creativity.
  5. Two short songs per post, max or ONE song of any length.


Scottie Peterson (Sung to the tune of “Father Abraham”)

Scottie Peterson… sentenced to life.
Sentenced to life is Scottie Peterson.
He didn’t break down, he never cried…
All he did was go like this:
Go to jail!
Here’s your cell!
Grab your shit!
Scott’s a bitch!
Spread his ass!
Turn around!
Bear down!