Sports Kids Moms and Dads

Coming to Bravo in June. (Scroll down; it’s in the middle of the page.) Actually, that’s not a very inclusive link. But the info I have says the kids are a figure skater, a basketball player, a football player, a cheerleader (yes, it is a sport) and an equestrienne.

I’m definitely going to watch. I loved Showbiz M&D. And I think this will be better, in some ways. First of all, it’ll have a host, which Showbiz did not. And secondly, what prompted the most :smack: moments in Showbiz was the fact that only one of the kids (Jordan Mosely) had any real credentials. The others were just flailing around without really acheiving anything, while they and their parents insisted they were already stars, or just on the verge of a breakthrough.

Whereas, even if these kids are mostly warming the bench (and I do see the potential for “Why isn’t my kid in there?!” go-offs), they’ll be actively working towards their goals, training and going to real games and competitions. They’ll be getting something out of their experiences.

One thing disappoints me, though: no hockey! Dang, I was hoping for a psycho hockey dad! They do seem to have sidestepped some of the stereotypes: the figure skater is a boy, and his mom “doesn’t want to watch him compete”, and the basketball player is a girl. But it’s her mom who’s pushing her, because she lost her chance at the WMBA on account of getting pregnant. And the cheerleader’s schedule is crammed full of dance, gymnastics, and so forth.

Can’t wait!

Since when does getting pregnant prevent someone from getting a business degree? :smiley:

Bumping as it’s coming to air.

I’m TiVoing it, but I haven’t watched the first episode yet. I loved Showbiz and was lukewarm on Showdogs. Looking forward to this.