Sports Media's Take: "Patriots Lose Playoff Game... But Don't Count Them Out Yet!"

"(AP - January 15) A roundtable panel of sportswriters agreed that, while the New England Patriots’ 27-13 loss to the Denver Broncos is a serious setback, they still can’t be counted out.

‘Sure, you hate to see the Pats lose a playoff game, but Tom Brady knows what it takes to win, and Bill Belichick is the most brilliant human being who ever lived,’ says Sports Illustrated’s Peter King. "If anyone can find a way to come back from elimination, they can. "

Paul Zimmerman agreed, noting, ‘The Patriots always play their best when their backs are against the wall. Being eliminated from the playoffs will only make them pull together. They’re so angry about being eliminated, they’re likely to take it out on the Colts next week. I’d hate to be in Peyton Manning’s shoes. I’d have to make the Patriots odds-on favorites to win the Super Bowl.’

Writers unanimously agreed that fans shouldn’t read too much into the Patriots’ two losses against the Broncos this season. ‘Fans are too easily swayed by things like wins and losses,’ said Chris Mortensen. ‘You have to look at the bigger picture. Tom Brady never makes mistakes in clutch game, which means these two games against the Broncos weren’t really clutch games. The Super Bowl is a clutch game, which means you have to like the Patriots’ chances of winning it. A loss in the playoffs doesn’t change that.’ "

Oh, that was some tasty parody.

Ajnd may I add, the Falcons’ never making the playoffs shouldn’t be taken as a sign they won’t win this year’s Super Bowl – Michael Vick is never more dangerous than when cornered, so you can imagine what he’s like when he’s eliminated!

Peyton Manning better waytch out. He is good, but when they play Otto Graham next week, they’ll need to bring their A-Game.

I have seldom seen a loss turned into a win so powerfully as on the Saturday evening game. While the Broncos were not demonized, they were definitely not nice guys for picking on New England.

Kinda reminds me of the Onion article about how the WhiteSox would still have to play the Yankees to win the “real World Series.”

Vick is the best QB in the league. So what if he can’t throw, all he does is win.

Actually, Droolian, I thought it was a pretty funny parody.

Funny as hell. And I might add, that as I type this (1:48PM est), it looks like astorian may very well have a chance to write an equally funny parody re: the Indianapolis Colts. :eek:

Don’t rule them Bears out, though. That defense may earn them a spot in the NHL playoffs as well!

Let’s not forget about Brett Favre, who looks like he’s having a BALL out there on the field! Check out the mischievous grin he has on his face as he draws a penalty for throwing a pass beyond the line of scrimmage! Watch how relaxed and confident he is as he tosses drive-killing interception after drive-killing interception by trying to force the ball into triple-coverage! He has DEFINITELY decided to take this team on his shoulders … and bury it.

Just because this is football, doesn’t mean we can’t take a few minutes to talk about what a team leader, heart-throb, and winner is Derek Jeter.

You know, as much as I hate to do this, I should point out that 2 out of the 3 Google Ads for this thread are for Patriots playoff tickets.

Just an observation.

astorian, I found your OP to be pretty funny and clever too.

Derek Jeter and Tom Brady have a lot in common. They’re both winners. It’s a shame their teams have let them down this year.

To those who didn’t find my original post funny, well… I’m a Giants fan.

So feel free to abuse, mock and pile on me (after that pathetic performance against the Panthers, I’m wide open).

As I’ve said on other occasions, the Patriots have been the best team in football over the past several years, and Tom Brady is definitely a guy I’d love to have on my team. Bill Belichick IS a great coach, one I wish my Giants had hired when Bill Parcells retired for the first time. In the same way, Brett Favre is a Hall of Famer, and once WAS a guy I’d have loved to see on my team.

It just blows my mind how the media have failed to acknowledge what’s been obvious to everyone for a long time now: that the Pats this year weren’t very good, and that Favre is waaaaay past his prime.

But at least Favre WAS a great QB once, which no one is sure Eli Manning ever will be. And at least Bill Belichick has 3 rings as a head coach, which I haven’t noticed on Tom Coughlin’s hand.

Well, there are 24 teams that wish they “weren’t very good” enough to reach the second round of the playoffs. :slight_smile:

They should have the Colts play the Patriots now, in the “Shadow AFC Championship Game.”

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In other Boston area sports news the demonization of former Most Beloved and All Around Coolest Boston Sports Figure EvahTM Johnny Damon is proceeding according to schedule.

Formerly rabid fans who bought “What would Johnny Do?” T-shirts and bumper stickers by the truckload are assembling for impromtu riots at which the merchandise is shredded and burned.

“Yeah, I never really liked the guy either” is a commonly heard explanation. “I only bought the T-shirt because my girlfriend thought he was cute”.

As he did with Alex Rodriguez, washed-up blowhard Curt Schilling is leading the way in this movement for Red Sox Nation. “Johnny Damon is the Anti-Christ” Schilling has posted in his popular blog. “True Red Sox fans everywhere should hunt down him and his family and lynch them.”

He’s getting Nomah’d![sup]TM[/sup]

I think you’re underestimating Michael Jordan’s rebounding ability here. Plus, you get the ball in his hands behind the three-point line inside two minutes, the Pats are going down, pal. The Pats. Are going. Down.

He may be past his prime, but he is only one season removed from 30 TDs 4,00 yards passings and a 92.4 passer rating which means you probably don’t need so many 'a’s in way.