Spring Break: Shark Attack

Admit it. You watched it. You watched 10.5, you loved it, and you watched this, and you loved it. Because you know you could rank on it on SDMB the following Monday.

My favorite bit: “Five – no, six dead turtles. Cause of death: Identical. Inevitable conclusion: Shark attack.”

Who the hell talks like this?!?

I watched about 15 minutes of it before I switched back to Tommy Boy. :wink:

Awful. It looked worse than Jaws 3D! :eek:

I kind of fliped back and forth during the second showing of Dragons.

My thoughts were " Hey look, a Jaws rip off made by people who have'nt sat through shark week on the discovery channel, but did see Jaws 3D."

 It was actually quite funny in places, especially when the sharks were attacking boats! And the cheesy fin effects, definitly MST3K fodder. :D

The shark attack bit was horrid but I was pulled in by the cheesy love triangle. I was a bit surprised that the Rufies seemed to have an unHollywoodesque effect that reflects reality (or what I’ve heard of it anyway).

So, I gotta know, how did the Tiger shark die? * Underwater explosive? Harpoon? Smashed over the head with a beer keg?
** I’m assuming the shark died.*

i saw about 20 minutes. I had to turn it off after this exchange and the date rape drug going into the drink.

The girl finds her boyfriend on the beach at Spring Break, he didn’t know she was there. She holds him close, and whispers something like: “I just want us to have a really nice special time this week.” They’re on spring break! It’s beer, boobs, and guys as far as the eye can see! Yea, what a romantic time they were gonna have.

So spoil it for me. Did the woman star and that nice guy with the short hair with the boat get together?? Did JT (or was it TJ?) get eaten?

Gee, was it that obvious? That the good looking and very nice male and female leads would survive, and the egotistical jerk would be shark meat? I called this one by the end of the 2nd commercial break. :wink:

Unlike Jaws (where the shark looked somewhat real), there was not just one shark but many. Swimming in formation like Luftwaffe. That was perhaps one of the funniest visuals of all. I think the effect was done by attaching a bunch of dorsal fins to a board and dragging underwater. It was to laugh.

JT met the sharp teeth of poetic justice when he was trying to make time with yet another babe. When the attack came, he pushed her out of the way (and into harms way) so he could get to safety. If we weren’t convinced of his jerkitude by this point, we were now. Luckily for all of us, he slipped and fell victim to nice chunk of papier mache with teeth. Yay!

Anyway, Babe Chick, her Nerdy Brother, and Mama’s Boy lured the nasties away by dragging a bucketfull of chum out to sea. The sharks followed (in formation, of course). The sharks ate the boat’s engines. (“What do we do now?” “I don’t know! I never read that chapter!”) Nerdy Brother then put his high-tech shark repellant pods in the water. Although they have never worked before, he was willing to risk his and his sister’s lives on them now.

Except when he put them in the water, one malfunctioned. It was wired wrong! So did he pull it up to fix it? Of course not. He sent his sister down. And she only had thirty seconds of air in her lungs before she would drown! Could she fix it by then?

Big stupid predictable climax, then everyone’s OK. Evil Australian dude was renting the boats to seed the water with chum, to attract sharks, scare off the tourists, and get the tourists back to his own resort. He got arrested. Nerdy Brother got his Ph.D. in Sharkrepellingology. Angry Dad reconciled with Babe Chick. Babe Chick and Mama’s Boy decided to meet in Cancun next year.

And they all lived happily ever after. Or served time. Or digested easily.

The strangest bit was the commercials. Almost all of them were for cruise lines to Florida. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, just led 3 miles out to sea, where they will never again return to such plentiful hunting grounds again.

I liked how they continuously used the sight gag of people being propelled through the water as though they were riding Shamu at SeaWorld. Once is an homage to Jaws, 39 times is pure comedy gold.

How about the girl on the dock? That made me laugh out loud, causing a stern look of censure to be thrown my way by the Squeeze. The still slightly sick daughter of Squeeze would collapse into fits of coughing because of laughing at the oh so tragic events revealed.

Since we were all having such fun deconstructing the visuals, I may have missed the glaring plot holes. But, even the little kid knew you could just reel back in the pod to fix it rather than sending your sister into the jaws of death.

Luftwaffe sharks, that’s funny! Me-262, anyone?

And notice than when a body got dragged under, it didn’t just leak blood – it exploded!

What, the one dangling her feet in the water while gloating that her boyfriend would come crawling back to her at any second?

And he would have got away with it too, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!

(I didn’t watch it because “Deadwood” was on. I loved the CHOMP on the CBS logo they were using for the promo though, which I saw 8 billion times during March Madness.)

I was hoping he’d live, but get his arm munched off or something. Far more fitting punishment.

LOL! You’ve got to be kidding me?!

I could be wrong. It may have been 4 miles.

Yea, something else (below the belt and above the knees) getting lopped off would have been a more fitting punishment.

I saw about 15 minutes. OMG.

So, I’m on spring break and there are hundreds of hot horny chicks there. I’m not a bad looking guy but I still can’t get laid. No problem, I have a 12 pack of roofies as a back up plan. The first one doesn’t work. There are still hundreds of hot horny chicks around and I have 11 roofies. I have no idea what my next move is.

Inevitable conclusion: I’m a freaking idiot.

For a while I thought they were going to start feeding roofies to the sharks.

1 - Well, they were under an awful lot of pressure. Poor college kids.

2 - We were actively speculating on the possibilty of some network girl on girl action a la Melrose Place, so I have no idea what the actual dialog was. However, the Chevy Chase shark head came and grabbed her real quick. She just squeeked a little as her ass scooted of the dock.