Spring equinox festival

Three years ago, my family started celebrating the winter solstice instead of Christmas. I took us a while but we have started celebrating those other quarter-year markers. We celebrated the fall equinox for the first time six months ago. Anyway, the spring equinox is coming soon, but we don’t have a celebration.

So, any ideas about what to do? It will take place at dawn.

Springtime is a time of rebirth, when nature comes back to life and new life begins. Farmers hope for prosperity in the growing season. Eggs are symbols of rebirth. Rabbits are symbols of fertility. New clothes are symbols of prosperity.

Hey, I’ve got an idea! Paint eggs in pretty pastel colors and hide them, along with candy eggs and rabbits. Then the children can hunt for them. Let the whole family buy new clothes and take a nice walk downtown in the fresh air. Then, come home to a lovely dinner, featuring another symbol of spring and renewal, the lamb. You could serve spring vegetables, too.

What do you mean, somebody already thought of that?

Well, I’ve been running public Esbat rituals for about six years, and we’ve celebrated Spring Equinox as a family for more years than that. Are you interested in it for religion, magick, meterology or just plain fun?

Seasonally/energetically/psychologically, this is the time of (duh) new beginnings. As the seeds stir their little selves to begin growing, so do people become restless and ready to start something new. Spring cleaning gets rid of the dusty winter and prepares us mentally and physically for the new cycle. Fertility is pretty noticable at the moment, what with lambs, eggs and rabbits being everywhere you look. (We like to emphasize that “fertility” isn’t merely baby making, but creation of any type - painting, homemaking, carpentry, writing, etc.)

So what do we do? Well, we start as a family with a spring cleaning. Cliche, I know, but it works. We put on some good music, sing along and have cleaning races. (Who can fold away their winter clothes and organize the spring ones the quickest? Who can dust their bedroom the fastest?) We blow out and decorate eggs, writing or drawing a symbol of things we want to create or achieve this year on the shell - prosperity, or a new library perhaps. Last year WhyKid drew a book on his, because he wanted to learn to read better. We use the egg innards to make a “Wish Omlette” of all our wishes and eat them together.

Finally, we bless seeds and soil (asking blessings of your favorite deity is appropriate) before planting the seeds. (We ask Goddess blessings for the soil and God blessings for the seed, and only then bring the two together. YMMV) The seeds can be either chosen for their magickal properties (Basil for love, sage for protection, etc.) or simply what I’m planning on growing in the garden this year.

Above all, remember to have fun and do what works for you. Spring Equinox is a happy, celebratory time.

Equinox blessings to you and yours!
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I suppose the best answer would be “just plain fun”. We started celebrating the winter solstice because it doesn’t make much sense for atheists to be celebrating Christmas (and it comes three days earlier too :slight_smile: ). We are going to start celebrating the other solstices and equinoxes for the sake of consistency.

Cool. Then strike the God/dess stuff and have fun!