Spring is Almost Here

I know this a shot from out of nowhere and non-fitting for the holiday season, but I live in Canada and would just like to say that spring is almost here! Just four more months until I can get outside and enjoy nature. Just four more months until I can feel the warmth of the sun and start feeling alive again.

I always get really depressed around this time of the year. The whole holiday season thing, the cold weather, and the lack of daylight hours just makes me want to curl up and sleep all through winter. I’m an athlete by heart and it kills me that I always lose motivation to continue training and practically become a blob each winter. It also kills me that this is also the time of year when we reflect on what have achieved in our lives and I just feel like a failure. Sometimes I feel like, “Why do I even try?” or “Will I ever achieve my goals?”

Does anyone else get this way around the holidays?

Chasing Dreams

The Sanfermines in Pamplona are from July 6th at noon to the 14th. The last official act of the feast is the “Pobre de mí” (Poor me), a song whining that the party is over, boohoooooooo!

Once the song is over, you start hearing people say good bye with “bueeeeno, ¡ya falta menos p’al glorioso San Fermín!”, “oh well, Sanfermines are getting closer!”

So we stave off the winter blues… from July 15th to July 6th 11:59 :slight_smile:

It was 8 yesterday. Spring is here. It makes me sad.

It was 80 here yesterday.

So tell me, what is winter really like?

Happens for me around february 15th, when pitchers and catchers start reporting for spring training. Seeing pics in the paper (online) of sunny Florida.

Well…… If you really want to know. I guess I’m pretty qualified to answer.

Winter starts in Sept/Oct for us. This year, our first major snowfall was Oct 10th. My Wife has been measuring the snowfall and we are somewhere around 100 inches so far.

So, in a word, winter is white.

Winter ‘ends’ usually in May. That also includes mud season though. It gets pretty sloppy for about a month from all the snowmelt.

It’s not dreary here (the high Rocky Mountains) and we get many days of brilliant sunshine and deep blue skies. SAD does not seem to be a problem.

Four wheel drive is a necessity to get to my house. And I would say that about 70 % of the people that live in the area either have an SUV or Truck. Many others go with the Subaru or other 4x4. We really don’t have what you would call snow days. The schools may have a late start once or twice a year, but that’s about it. Your average Joe is expected to make it into work pretty much no mater what. Anything less than a foot of snowfall is pretty much a non-event. Anything more might have people asking the question ‘how much did you get’?

It’s pretty rare for it to get above freezing, but, if it’s not windy, and the sun is out you would be surprised how comfortable it can be. But like the song says, when the wind comes up and the sun goes down, forget it.

I really don’t mind the long winters. And the summers are absolutely beautiful. It’s never too hot at this elevation either. The only gripe I would have is that the long winters make for very short, busy summers.

I’d be happy to try to answer any questions you might have.

Ditto to what the reversible enipla said. We had over a foot last night and it’s still snowing. Glorious for skiing, cross-country and snowshoeing. I only lose mo in the fall/spring when it’s too snowy to hike and not snowy enough for the above.

It’s very white outside right now, which makes is seem lighter out. I’ll be glad when solstice passes.

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Around here, winter can be beautiful but it still drags me down. It is somewhat mild outside right now but I get a feeling of stillness, death, and hopelessness. I should really move somewhere warm. I feel like moving away from here and starting out a new life.

Winter doesn’t usually bother me but this year has been horrid. We’ve had almost no sun at all for most of November and December - and the grey days aren’t high bright cloud but dark dark and dreary. It has looked pretty much like the verge of nightfall steadily throughout. And we’re about to get smacked by yet another vicious windstorm. I sure hope this year is an anomaly because this is getting to me.

Celebrate Winter Solstice on Thursday Dec 21 at precisely 7:22 pm Eastern Standard time (which will be 2:22pm Alaska time, where I am.)

I hear yah kiddo, but after Winter Solstice, the days will slowly start to get longer. We celebrate Solstice more than Christmas!

A few things I do to cheer me up in the winter is hang lights around inside like globe lights over my kitchen sink, white lights down hallways and green lights in the bathroom. Thats just the color scheme I got going now. It changes every year. The lights don’t use up a lot of electricity and add a cheerful ambiance.

Another thing is after Thanksgiving I start a sweet potato plant in water on my kitchen window sill. It will grow all winter with green leaves, buds and white flowers. Watching something grow helps.

Course a vacation to the sun helps, too! And why not move somewhere where you can enjoy summer year around? :slight_smile:

I’m seriously thinking about moving to China once I finish up university here.