Squee! Tickets!

I just got tickets to the only US appearance of Rammstein!

<me runs around squeeing>

Very nice early birthday present!!!

[unfortunately it also means a night in a hotel in NY … hopefully we will avoid bedbugs!]

The correct term is “squealing”.

Thank you.

(Yes, I am old.)

I believe the members of Rammstein would murder you if they had found out you had been either squeeing or squealing.

I saw them in Detroit a few years ago, they’re great live! Have fun, and happy early birthday!

nope, fangirls squee … =)

We plan on having great fun. No handicapped seats available, but since they are assigned, we will just work our way to them slowly with crutches and hope I am not having a shitty body day. Going to leave the car at the hotel and take a cab to get there. I am thinking of taking a shooters seat along so i can sit in line, or something of the sort. If it is cheap enough i wont worry about dumping it in the trash when we get in.

We are way back in the top ring, sort of right of center facing the stage - never been there so I don’t know what the seats are like but I know what they look like and am more there for the music anyways =)

Can I stowaway in your luggage? Pweeeeese???