St. Louis area Dopers!

Well, so I know I don’t know most of you, but that’s not stopping me from wanting to hang OUT with you. I’m going to be in St. Looooooo this weekend to hang out with Crunchy Frog. I’m not sure what our plans are, but I know we’ll be at The Famous Bar (314.832.2211 5213 Chippewa) on Saturday evening to see a band. Other than that, I’ve heard no solid plans being made.

Who wants a beer?

<and all well-wishes to Froggy can be forwarded on through me, for those of you too lazy to use email>

I’d love to meet, but I got stuck working Sat. night. If you’d like to “do lunch” that day, let me know :slight_smile: Or dinner on Sunday would be good for me too.

I’ll take a beer! Thanks to Crunchy for the heads up on this thread–I’ve had my head buried lately searching for a house. Let me know when and where and I’ll pop my head in for a little bit. It sounds like fun!

Well, there’s two. I know you guys are just coming for Froggy and not for me, but it still does my heart good. :smiley:

Again, I’m up for any/all meetings. God knows I can’t hang out with FROGGY the whole time. :D:D:D

So, is this this weekend coming up (March 3-4), or the one that just happened? If it hasn’t happened yet, I’d love to come. I’m on this miserable Weight Watchers program so I can’t actually drink, but I’d love to see everyone.

Yup, Paladine, I’ll be in St. Louis this coming up weekend, March 2-5. I’ll buy you a nice mineral water, and drink your beer for you, no worries.

Geez, I’m glad I’m not driving. I’m not used to all this beer. Or something…:slight_smile:

Update: The Saturday night thing is still definitely on, plus Froggy brought up the notion of meeting for lunch/dinner/whatever you people call it on Sunday. Will post details tomorrow after he gives me the name and addy of the place. Does that make TM happy? :smiley:

Works well for me and yes!

happy happy joy joy

I do need to be at work by 6pm though…just something I thought I’d add…even a quick meeting before I gotta scoot to the grindstone is cool with me.

From Froggy: Growler’s Pub – 314 432 3110 763 Old Ballas Rd
The only way I know how to get there is from I-270. From 270, turn east on Olive and I don’t remember how far it is, but I don’t think it’s too far. (I’m great at this giving-directions shit, huh?) On your right, you’ll see a Blockbuster Video just before you reach Old Ballas Rd. Growler’s is hidden behind and below the Blockbuster, you can’t see it from Olive Rd, but it’s in the same parking lot.
They open at noon on Sunday, and shouldn’t be too crowded then.

So there you have at. Does it work?

Cool!! Works for me and I’ll be there! May even be able to get TD to come too:)

Hmm…i might be going to this gather of fools. :slight_smile:
Nymysys is pickin up the bill…right?

:cough, cough: Uhhhh…yeah, HM, I’m picking up the bill. Nothing’s too good for all my friends that I’ve never met yet!

All I know is, if I’m payin’, somebody better be puttin’ out.
So, to recap, The Famous Bar on Saturday night, we’ll be there around 800p (and btw, you can find the band we’re going to see at, band starts at 900p; and Growler’s on Sunday around…what? 100p?

Shall we all wear red roses, or does Froggy know what you guys look like?

I can put out with the best of them if you are gonna buy me a cup of soup! If not interested in me, I can offer up Turbo Dog for the best two minutes of your life :smiley:

I dunno about red roses, but I’m debating on whether or not I should wear my Pussy Snorkel tanktop:) Oh, by the way, I will bring my digital camera too… who knows what Crunchy will be dressed like, or just pics of you two hung over from Sat. night? hehehhehe

Oh, hell, TM, thanks SO much for reminding me. As if hanging out with me and Froggy isn’t enough incentive, EB will also be accompanying me to this little shindig. If by some weird chance you’ve had your head in the sand and don’t know who EB is, check it out:
And I’m ordering my Pussy Snorkel tshirt tomorrow, btw. :smiley:

Okay cool:) I’ll bring the snorkel too then… just gotta have a pic or two of EB wearing it :smiley:

In order to make sure that i won’t feel like a complete idiot when i meet you guys…i gots to ask how old you all are?..i’d rather not be the only baby faced 19 year old in the group…

Bleh. I may show up. I may not. Depends on how I feel come Saturday. Fortunately, at least a few people know what I look like at this point…

Forward planning is not my strong point, can we tell?

HM, I’m 27 as is Froggy. Does that knock you out for the bar scene totally? I’ve been an old woman for years now, I have no idea what the bar age is in St. Louis.

And, Dyno, $10 says you get bored around noon on Saturday and end up making it. Pick up Flyp on your way, too, will ya, buddy? :smiley:

One last bump for good measure. Today will be the last time for questions/comments/prayer requests, as I leave nice and early (for me, anyway) tomorrow morn. If there are none, I expect to see each and every one of you with at least two friends on Saturday and/or Sunday. Don’t make me come find you. It’s not pretty.