ST: The Paclids

Considering how weak Voyager has become over the years, I’d watch a new Star Trek series about the Paclids. It could be called Star Trek VIII - Make it Go!

Now as members of the Federation, the Paclids try each week once again to set off on their five year mission!

Their motto:

To get more “stuff”.
To meet smart people. (He he he)
To be strong. (We like to be strong.)
To smile. (We like to smile.)


To make it go!

I’m assuming you mean the Pakleds. A Paclid is what covers Pac-man’s toliet. Sadly, the dude who was the head Pakled died (he was also the voice of Starscream and Cobra Commander==> Chris Latta)

Pakleds were also in the background of DS9, but never said anything. I think a Pakled show would end in episode one, when the captain tries to land on the sun (at night time of course).

Thanks for the correction. I looked up the name in Google and went with the most common spelling. :wink:

Series ending with episode one? (Land on the Sun at night. That’s an idea!) Actually, wasn’t there is a STNG murder mystery episode wherein they tested a special shuttle craft shield very close to, if not within a star? That was a bit far-fetched to me.

That episode was the one with Metaphasic sheilds that allowed you to fly into the corona of a star(Suspicions). They ignored previous episodes where Enterprise-D flew into the corona of stars, most notably to hide from the borg in I, Borg.

The title could be “Star Trek: The Very Special Generation”

Which was inspired by one of my favorite stories in the Onion, “Clinton Deploys Very Special Forces to Iraq.”