Stacie Orrico Video

She’s hot!

Anyway, I saw the video and when she’s dressed like an executive her complexion is pretty white. But then in the next scene when she’s dressed like a hood in the back of the car, all of a sudden she has a dark complexion. What’s up with that?

cool the hormones cmason. she’s only 17.

I’m not that much older than her, so I guess that’s moderately acceptable (or something else to rationalize it :wink: - Hmm, I thought she was older. In order to placate the jailbait monitors, I’ll change my previous statement to “She will be hot once she becomes 23.” :slight_smile:

My main point was about the complexion change.

Have you ever carted a camcorder or camera around? Complexion change is easily done by accident in different light conditions.

Or makeup. Or both.