Stand-alone bookmark managing software?

Is there such a thing as a program that lets you manage and organize your bookmarks? NOT a website, but a program you install on your computer?

Also, is there a way to have ONE set of bookmarks, even if you use different browsers? I hate it that my bookmarks are all different in IE and Firefox. When I installed Firefox, I imported my IE bookmarks, but since then I’ve added new ones in IE, added new ones in Firefox…and now they have an overlap of the same sites, but they also each have a whole slew of totally different ones. It’s annoying.

Ideally I’d like a program that lets me manage (organize into folders, rename, etc) a set of bookmarks, and then configure IE and Firefox to use that set of bookmarks.


(aslo posted at Fathom and LJ, because I am hoping that somewhere, someone knows of such a thing…)

Not a website, but, you can play one on your computer.

Use notepad to create your own webpage of bookmarks locally.
One bookmark in each browser to that file on your computer.
No muss, no fuss.

Pain in the ass. I’ve done it that way before, and what ends up happening is that I abandon it because when I go to a page I want to bookmark, I don’t want to whip out an editor and edit a web page (especially one that has 800 links on it).

Try Linkman by Outer Technologies. It works with IE, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Firefox, and a few other browsers I’ve never even heard of. It is $29, but that’s not a big cost considering what you get.

NB: I am not an employee or affiliate of the company, just a happy customer.

Bookmark Buddy is worth a trial.