Stand back! My yard is a crime scene

At 10am this morning as I was still in peacefull slumber there was a shooting at the end of my alley that seeped it’s way into my dreams and I was grumpily woken to sounds of someone yelling in my yard and sounds of someone crashing into my fence.
I drifted back to sleep swearing at the neighbors to keep it down. See, this is nothing new to have someone yelling outside my window while leaning on my fence.
We have a slum lord next to us that rents to some real winners. The new winners have friends that obviously do not know how to use the stairs, therefore they must stand up against my fence and yell into the open window at all hours of the day or night in a drunken/drug enduced slur.
Now you can ask BeagleDave, for the most part my neighborhood is nice. We have all three levels of the school system within a block in any direction and the school board across the street. Nice houses around here, but across the alley behind us there is a row of bars. These bars do tend to keep their clientel under control so we have no issues with them and sometimes the music in the “beer garden” is nice to hear in the summer.
Anyway, I finally got my butt out of bed and got in the tub. While I was in the tub my youngest son woke up and I sent him down for breakfast/lunch with his grandmother. (we thankfully had a late movie night and all over slept)
I checked my cell phone messages and found my mother had called to tell me that we had a drive by shooting in our neighborhood but not to worry because they caught the guy.
My mother in law came upstairs and told me the same thing only that the guy had gotten out of the car after shooting his victim and decided to run through our yard but they caught him at the other neighbors house.
When I went downstairs I found my son and his grandmother out milling around in the yard.
My seven year old son went out to check out where the police chase had been and came in carrying a little baggie which he brought to my mother in law. They found six more and called the police.
You guessed it! Crack!
So they came up and then called in reinforcements and Officer Obie came up and took 8 x 10 glossies with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one. Then they found a few more of the lovely baggies. Somewhere around 20 in all, at 50 bucks a pop! No bigger than my little fingernail!
When they caught the guy they got the gun and 400 in cash. But at first they told us since a few hours had passed that they couldn’t use what we had found in connection with him, but they could connect it with the money. WHAT?! It was only two hours difference!
And then they said they couldn’t finger print it cause it was too small? Don’t these people watch forensic files? They find things days and weeks after the fact and link them to crimes and criminals. They fingerprint mouse turds on that show and come up with a usable print. In this (forensics) my city sucks.
I’m going to watch the news in 15 minutes. I have no idea if the victim lived or not, and I’m not sure if I want to know so the heathens don’t get too freaked out.
I also hope they do not get my sons name even though the officer assured us they wouldn’t and that she wouldn’t even ask or put it on record for protection of his identity.

I didn’t kmow it was that much Kricket. You could have controlled the crack market in your 'hood. For a day any way :smiley: You got a hooded sweater and some baggie pants?


I don’t think I would make a good ghetto-rat-crack-dealer, the closest thing I have to baggy pants are my Oscar Mayer weinermobile sleep pants and I don’t have any sweatshirts with hoods.
Maybe I need to go shopping?
I’ve learned some of the lingo from my addict brother in law so I know I need to say "right on " alot, and “riiiiight”.
A friend a work said her son would help me get my weave on complete with beads and I already carry a cell phone, but it’s fairly outdated and I don’t wear much of the bling bling.
What’s a girl to do?

As far as what is going on with the drive by, I was correct about it starting a few blocks away and ending up here.
Not sure about the victim yet, there were two people involved in the shooting. The guy wasn’t from here and then there was a younger chick with him from here I think.
The news was recorded shortly after 10am so they didn’t mention the drugs they found. Which to me is cool.
They did tell us that they were going to be able to use the drugs as evidence against him so that is cool as well.

IANACop but if I had to guess the cops probably figure that if the guy shot someone they probably don’t need to worry about the additional charges whatever weight your son found would bring. Add that to the fact that the guy wasn’t found in possession of the crack and the idea of calling a 7-year old witness to try to establish chain of custody and it’s probably not worth the time and expense.

Although I am stumped as to how they can connect it to the money the guy was carrying but not the guy himself. That just seems odd.

If it was two minutes difference then any rookie public defender would have it thrown out. Nothing to directly link the defendant to the evidence. Add to that a seven-year-old testifying as to where it was found and you have no case. On Forensic Files you see when they get lucky. It doesn’t usually work that way. Its not that easy to get a usable print.

Now I’m a little irritated.
On one hand yay because they are going to use the crack in connection with the guy.
On the other crappy hand the reason they can use it is because they have a witness to him tossing it in our yard.
The arresting police officer!
Why in the F**k if he saw the guy toss something as he went through our yard didn’t he come back or send someone back right away to search for it?
Why did they let my son find it and then go “Oh yeah, I saw him tear apart something and toss it”?

Shouldn’t that be “8 x 10 colour glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one” or something like that? (Am I showing my age by spotting that instantly?)

Scary experience! Too bad that cop didn’t think to have your yard cleaned up right away.

rjk, what better reason to listen to the song?! :smiley:
I just thought it was kind of cool that I got to throw that in there. Not to often that I get to be witty.
I did just see the movie the other night so that might be why it is stuck in my head.

Kricket , haven’t you posted about crime before?

You need…a grenade launcher.

Yes, a 20 mm, multi-round grenade launcher.

When people start hanging around your back fence at 2 AM, you just whip out the grenade launcher, & lay down some suppressive fire. Load an illumination round in the chamber first, so you’ll have plenty of light for the shots. Then the frag & concussion rounds.

And remember kids! They also have red & green illuminators. Intended for signaling, they add a festive air to any Xmas massacre! :slight_smile:

-assed shopping !



Wow! That is some serious Bling Bling!
Now for the clothes! Yay!

Black and baggy. Oh and you’ll need some platinum crap tp put on your teeth.

Don’t sweat the details on a cool reference like that. When I was in the navy I had a group of friends that all referred to ourselves as “Group W.”

But what about the implements of destruction and the red VW microbus?

Yes Padeye, but have you rehabilitated? :dubious:

And no implements of destruction, but I drive a mini van does that count? On second thought would my children count as implements of distruction?