Stand up and be counted!


I do not predict an extended life expectancy for this thread.

I predict it may not get past two.


The first thing I thought of was the Bathroom Reader slogan, which is the same thing as the thread title.


I think we ought to be counting backwards.

Five, four, three until this gets locked!

I think we should be counting forwards, but use infinitesimal values, thereby remaining perpetually at one.


The Mods must be off somewhere getting hammered.


I’m too tired to stand. I’m just going to lean back in my comfy chair. And you can count on that!


Ten. I wonder what the OP said?

This is stupid. I’m not going to have any part of it.



I’m going to try and veer this thread away from what appears to be sure lock-dom by suggesting that every poster, along with counting off, must teach the rest of us a naughty word in a foreign language.

The catch is, you can’t tell us what it is in English, you can only allude to what it is, or better yet, describe what it is.

This way, at least we’ll all learn something new until some mod puts on the ol’ clamper.

I already counted off at 2, so here’s my word-- it’s the only foreign naughty word I know:

Sheisse (shy-za) German– the end product of defecation.


I’d like to point out that my mother is German, and speaks it, and she doesn’t pronounce Sheisse with a Z sounds. She pronounces it with an S sound at the end…and one syllable…so it pretty much rhymes with rice.

Sheisse (shy-za) German– the end product of defecation.

From which “sheister” is derived, I believe.


Number 23.

Um, once in Spanish class, a friend slipped and mispronounced a word while reading from the book out loud. The teacher guffawed for a straight five minutes, then apologized and said that if he told us what the student just said, the school district would probably fire him. And I don’t remember what the word was.


asno (Spanish) - where Sheisse comes out of.

Add buno(dumb) to it, and you’ve got an insult.

420 (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

testa di cazzo (Italian) - dickhead, but a little ruder

Anishnebaekauzo. It means, “Stupid white man who pretends to be Native” in Ojibway. It’s a great word.

Yo, Sir Caldrik, what’re you doing wasting time on the SDMB?