Standing Behind ? at the Pearly Gates

I’m still thinking about those Pearly Gates and Saint Peter. Who would you want to stand behind in line as you wait your turn? And, of course, why would you choose that person?

I won’t choose:

> Cecil Adams because God would probably want to talk with him and the rest of us waiting would be shuffling cloud dust for an eternity.

> Satan because the interview would probably be the second Grand Inquisition.

> Brachy, my sister, because she’s my sister and not mourning my demise.

> Silent Bob because it would take forever for him to draw all those smilie faces.

Possibilities are:

> Ed Zotti because it would be quick and straight to the point or

> Tuba Diva because I could maybe scoot thru as a fellow chocolate lover…
I guess I should go back to painting the bathroom walls.

Hum, just thought that it might be ok to stand behind Snark although it probably would take forever to get all of Vanilla’s aliases in order…

A wholesome poster with a damn fine ass :wink:

That said, I don’t know many female posters on here with damn fine asses, and I ain’t standing behind a guy.

So . . .

  1. Y’all know who you are. If I’ve talked to you on AIM and I’ve emailed you, chances are pretty damn good I’d vote you in in front of me.

I reserve the right to grope.

Does this person have to be a SDMBer or anyone?

I gonna have to think about this.

Anyone you want; lover, SDMB poster, family, someone you would like to see dead before you like your boss or evil co-worker [especially if St Peter locks the door on 'em, sis]…

Like Apu (from the Simpsons) explains to Marge why a check-out line filled with unmarried men moves fastest:

“Cash only. No chit-chat.”

Describes me to a tee.

Oh definately one of our “rebs” ie our Talmudic scholars here. While they are discussing the fine points of Talmudic Law, I could just slip by*. About MY only chance to get in without a LONG stay in Purgatory. :smiley:

  • and yes, this means I believe Jews who are virtuous and follow the Law will go to Heaven, as per their Contract. As if anyone cares what my beliefs are. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean? Cecil Adams IS God!