Star Trek Continues

The third episode was released over the weekend.

Ep 1:
Ep 2:
Ep 3:

We’re enjoying the hell out of this fan produced series. I wish we didn’t have to wait four months between episodes however.

I haven’t seen the first 2 eps, but no 3, set in the mirror universe right after Kirk & Co beam back to the TOS Enterprise, was great.

I just watched #3, the continuation of the “Mirror Mirror” plotline, and I have to say, my reaction was: OMFG that was awesome! The sets, the acting, everything was a slavish homage to the feel of the original trek, down to very small details. You could feel that they chose lighting, camera angles, everything with that purpose. Even the stunts felt like the original show. And a very good script as well. I’m really impressed! The only thing I didn’t feel worked well was the Kirk actor’s nasal voice compared to who he was emulating, but I thought that actor did a very fine job in every other way.

I like the idea and applaud the effort, but mirror-Spock is being all goody-moral instead of pragmatically logical and that kinda ruined it.

Wow - this is first I’ve heard of it - and I was expecting some kinda low production value overly CGed stuff. Getting ready to watch episode 3 now - and - look forward to more.

And it’s great to see grant from mythbusters as Sulu.

I had no idea there was another Star Trek fan series with professional-quality production values. I had previously seen Star Trek Phase 2 several years ago, which is definitely worth a watch and has worked with original series contributors as well - they got both Walter Koenig and George Takei to reprise their roles in a couple episodes, one episode is an original story by DC Fontana, and they even adapted the “Blood and Fire” screenplay for TNG that was rejected because its subject matter was deemed too controversial.

I’m just now watching the first episode of this series, and I’m mostly liking what I’m seeing. The actor playing Kirk seems a little too old, but his chops are solid, casting James Doohan’s son as Scotty is a nice touch, and Grant Imahara looks like he’s having the time of his life as Sulu.

I came in to mention this. I knew his face and that I recognized him from somewhere, but had to check the credits and Google him before I could figure it out.

awesome, the original series that started it all …

I have to admit, much better than I thought it would be. A sold B+ actually.

End of episode 3: Kirk’s destination is Ceti Alpha V. TWoK