Star Trek fan-made episodes/films: Anyone else watch?

Does anyone else watch the Star Trek TOS fan-made episodes and films that abound on YouTube?

So far, I’ve found Star Trek New Voyages and Phase II:

Star Trek Continues:

Star Trek Axanar, to be released later:

And more:

The acting and effects can be erratic, to say the least, but some of the stories are not bad. Star Trek Continues has the sets duplicated so well that you’d think they came from Paramount’s storage. And I like most of the actors on that series better than some of the others. James Cawley in particular on ST NV and Phase II tries to “Shatner” his way through many scenes.

I’ve watched a few. A long ago friend’s ex in one. (I’ll leave out details)

I find the flavor of them to be very Trek consistent. The actual production values are improving. I’m lumping them all together.

You mean he Kevin Pollaks it?

I watched “Come What May” from The new Voyagers and found it somewhat…lacking. Put me off of watching the other ones.

Also watched “The Savage Empire” in Starship Exeter. I thought it captured the “feel” of TOS very well. Trouble was, it captured the feel of one of the poorer episodes. But it seemed to have potential.

I watched Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.

It has a LOT of actors from TOS, TNG, DS9, and Voyager.

It is excellent.

Don’t forget the three-part Star Trek vs. Batman.

(Then again, you may want to.)

I’ve seen the Star Trek Continues episodes, not the others.

Enjoyed the writing, production design and costuming, not so much the acting, which is mostly high-school play level.

I’ve seen most, if not all, of them, and enjoyed them. Some are better than others, but all are great as far as costumes, makeup, and other production values.

My biggest complaint is the long time between releases, although I completely understand the reasons.

ETA: Wait, that’s not true…a few of the fan made series are green screened, and I’ve seen one that featured small action figures. The two best are Phase II and Star Trek Continues. At least in my opinion.

“Come What May” was actually the maiden effort from the “New Voyages/Phase II” people. They got better. Give “World Enough and Time” a look.

I like “Continues” as well. I kind of think of them as TOS Season 4 and “NVPII” as the second series that we never got.

“Gods and Men” was OK.

“Axanar” was just friggin’ awesome. Like ST meets “Victory at Sea”.