Star Trek - The New Voyages - anybody seen these?

There’s a fan-based site New Voyages where “new” episodes pf the original Star Trek are being produced.

The actors are not trying to emulate the original characters (for example, the guy playing Kirk is also an Elvis impersonator and keeps his pompadour).

The effects are well done as are the recreated interior sets.

As with most projects like this, the acting is fair, but the spirit is definitely there.

The episodes are free to download.

I’ve seen some of it. To me, it’s a lot like the Trek books. Some of it is pretty cool and entertaining, sometimes even better than what’s canon. But… it will always remain outside the “important” stuff, if you know what I mean.

I would prefer to see the official franchise sold off to a major studio and then put in charge a group like this. With people who actually are fans of the franchise and yet have some major money and clout behind them. That would be neat.

I Rigellian Megapony, too.

Oh yeah, answer the OP! :smack:

Yes. Some of it is pretty good, too.

These are great. The Elvis impersonator playing Kirk is great.

Are they making more?

They are supposed to be shooting a new episode, but I don’t know when it’ll be out.

At least two more episodes are in the works. The legendary ST writer D.C. Fontana is writing one in which Walter Koenig will appear as Chekov, and Ethan Calk (who co-wrote the very good DS9 episodes “Visionary” and “Children of Time”) is writing the second one.

Several ENT staffers were working on them, either anonymously or under assumed names so as not to screw up their “day jobs.”

I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far, and look forward to the next two.

They are ok. The effects are good (Better than the original series) and the spirit is definitely there.

The problem I have is that the stories are too fanboyish. They want to cram in as many references as possible into each episode. Perhaps DC Fontana will submit a decent script and tone them down.

Nice diversion… needs a little something. In fact I’d have been more impressed if they had created another ship set in the same time with different characters.

Check out the USS Exeter fan-made films; they’re not too shabby. Don’t have a cite, but I’m sure you could find them by Googling (the captain’s name is Quincy, IIRC). The first film had them visiting the Andorian homeworld.