Star Trek New Voyages blooper

These guys are fans to the extreme…they create brand new TOS episodes of Star Trek. Sets, props, FX, all recreated for your free viewing pleasure.

Here’s an out-take. (language)

Their setup is pretty damned elaborate. I’m going to watch all the episodes and see if they are any good. They did get Walter Koenig to appear in one episode.

I wonder what does Paramount think about them? Clearly using old TOS footage and using the Star Trek name, do they have permission? Would they have to get it from Paramount or does Majel Rodenberry have any say? I couldn’t find anything on their website one way or another.

Now THAT was FUNNY! Spewed not milk, but beer all over my keyboard!
MORE! :stuck_out_tongue:

screw the blooper, watch the trailer

THey reuesed BSG theme music, but damn, they’ve got the effects down…

That’s insane! The amount of effort they must have gone to is amazing. Great job on the sets and costumes. If the acting and scripts are reasonable, it might even be worth watching.

Is there a full episode out yet?

Wow. I watched a bootleg of their episode “In Harm’s Way” last year. (A concept artist that I work with is friends with these guys.) It’s great to see their stuff out on the net.

It’s definitely a labor of love. If only they had better writing … and acting … .

I googled. Here’s their home page.

One of the guys associated with this project is Eugene Roddenberry, Jr. :eek:

Go to Youtube and you will find the pilot episode called Come What May

You will also find In Harms Way

You will also find the bloopers, trailers, and some short pieces.

They are all quite enjoyable.

You can also download large avi files and superlarge DVD ISO files of the Pilot and Episode 1 here.

I haven’t watched an episode yet, so I don’t know how good the acting is. However, I noticed that one of the episodes is written by D.C. Fontana, who was one of the original Trek writers.

This must have at least the unofficial blessing of some people involved with the original Star Trek. There’s a Roddenberry involved, George Takei and Walter Koenig have acted on the show, and they seem to have a bunch of authentic props and set pieces from the original series.

I find this extra interesting because I’m just in the middle of reading ‘The Long Tail’, which is a book about how the internet is changing culture and commerce, and he talks about the fan-produced media phenomenon, and how it is growing in importance and quality, and blurring the lines between ‘professional’ and ‘amateur’. His examples included the Lonely Island guys, various home-produced albums and songs, and Youtube videos that get more play than some expensive commercial ventures.

This is a perfect example of that kind of thing. With enough participation from people with talent, I could see this little fan show actually rivalling the original Star Trek in quality and production values.

I can’t stand the Elvis haircut.

Paramount has always been pretty cool about this sort of thing. As long as they don’t make money, Paramount doesn’t do anything.

I couldn’t watch more than a couple of minutes of the pilot episode. I must be a masochist to have clicked on the second episode, “In Harm’s Way,” but damned if I didn’t watch the whole thing and enjoy it!

The acting is atrocious, there’s no getting around it. But the writing is reasonably sharp, the editing and camera work are great (usually major flaws in any less-than-professional video, even to a non-film geek like me), and the rest of the production values are absolutely stunning for an amature production. I’m not surprised they got real ST alumni to participate.

I watched on Youtube, and for the first half I kept telling myself I was going to stop watching after the clip was over. After that I just gave in and admitted that I was hooked on it. I usually avoid fan fiction like the plague, even most of the novels and such (which are mostly glorified fan fic, IMO). But I’ll actually be looking forward to the next eps (which have Koening and Takei.) And apparently they’re working on a miniseries with Alan Ruck (!) as Captain Harriman of the 1701-B, along with Koening, Nichelle Nichols, and Tim Russ as director. I’m actually excited, and I haven’t been excited about anything Paramount’s done with ST since DS:9!

If you’re just looking at CGI quality, this just blows me away: . However, the acting is atrocious, and they have entirely virtual sets that work out very poorly. Still, the title sequence is certainly worth watching.

I just discovered these. I’m having a hard time watching one of these all the way through. The comical hairdo on the guy playing Kirk makes me think it’s supposed to be a spoof and I keep waiting for zingers that never come. I wonder why they didn’t try to cast people who kind of resembled the original cast. The McCoy is the closest, but I can’t get beyond the hilarious-looking Mr. Spock or the funny Elvis hair on Kirk. If they are doing a serious homage to the original they shouldn’t have done silly hair and make-up. If they are going to use the funny hair and make-up they should make it a spoof.

And why re-create scenes (the chess playing) that appeared in actual episodes? When that ended I expected Kirk to ask Spock if he ever experienced deja-vu.

Though the music sounds authentic and my well be the actual cues from the show, it is used inappropriately to the scenes and calls attention to itself.

The acting proves that acting should really be left to actors. Even bad actors are better than this troop.

I guess they should get some credit for doing it. It is, after all, a “Let’s put on a show! Mom will let us use the basement!” type of affair. And it’s better than any Star Trek episode I ever produced. I just wish they had taken it more seriously. I’m sure they had fun doing it, but that doesn’t translate to me having fun watching it.