Star Trek Lower Decks

Mariner is everything Michael should be.

I’d never thought of this but it’s so true it’s almost hard to believe there isn’t at least some truth to it, even down to the fact Mariner is Black and has a masculine-sounding first name.

I finished S1 last night. Well done, all in all, with some funny callbacks to earlier series. My favorites: the citizens of Beta III having fallen back into bad habits, worshipping Landru again; the First Officer referring to “TOS” (“Those old scientists,” naturally); Riker, Troi and the Titan swooping in to save the day from those fucking Pakleds. And it was nice to see the homicidal app Badgy again.

Loved the conspiracy-theory-spouting Lt. Steve Levy. Mariner: “You said Wolf 359 was an inside job.” Levy: “It totally was.” And later, as he leaves, “Changelings aren’t real! The Dominion War didn’t happen!”

Sorry to lose the always-aggressive Bajoran Chief of Security, though. I’m hoping, in another callback to TAS, that they’ll replace him with an Edosian:

Agreed that Boimler won’t be on the Titan for long. Funny to see how much Mariner already misses him, blowing up his PADD!

Ha! I totally missed that. Great Easter egg.

Yes, Mariner is hands-down my favorite character too. Smart, cute, spunky, brave and ready for anything. The actress’s voice is so lively and engaging, I’d be happy to listen to her read her shopping list aloud.

I love this theory. But they still have to be lovingly married.

That was a total laugh out loud line for me.

I recently finished it as well (got CBS All Access again). Was very well done! Glad they made it, even though there was some objection to it when it was originally announced.

BTW, why would the Titan crew still be in the TNG late-movie-era uniforms? Capt. Riker’s prerogative? Everyone else we’ve seen from Starfleet, on the Cerritos and other ships and starbases, is in the same “modern” uniform.

I’m guessing captain’s prerogative.

Also the later season DS9 uniform (can’t remember which changed over first).
We have seen that the transition don’t take place at once, in ST Discovery the Enterprise has the new uniforms and the Discovery crew is still waiting for theirs. In Generations the Enterprise D crewmembers shift from the TNG era uniform to the DS9/Voyager version at various parts of the film The original TNG jumpsuit uniforms are seen on background characters throughout the later seasons The TNG uniforms are still worn at Starfleet HQ in DS9, and Sisko changes into that when on temporary assignment there.

I am guessing the Titan hasn’t received the shipment yet. Or rather their 3D printers, errr replicators, have yet to recieve the update so they can make them.

Not a bad fanwank. Thanks.

Not sure if others have seen this:

Season 2 is set to premiere August 12. It will be on Paramount+, which is apparently CBS All Access but rebranded, so actually the same streaming service?

It looks like the main cast are all returning, with no notable additions or subtractions announced.

I’m looking forward to it - as so many others in this thread have commented, it actually felt like Star Trek. IMHO, the best Trek in any medium in decades. However, I don’t want to add yet another streaming service. I’ll probably wait until the season ends, and then do a trial subscription or sign up for one month and binge it.

Yup…it was a rebranding when CBS and Viacom merged.

And it is pissing me off that they are putting pretty much anything good on Paramount+ and charging for it (as opposed to having it on your local CBS channel).

I’ve been rewatching Season 1 to gear up for Season 2 and man Mariner is a lot to take in those first few episodes.

Agreed, it was about halfway through before I thought the show really hit its stride and became consistently enjoyable.