Star Trek Lower Decks

“Hey, that’s an anus!”

One of the less expected Star Trek lines.

This latest episode was the funniest yet. Still laughing at the klingon ritual suicide scene and the visual of Boimler toting a dozen Borg babies!

That’s my huge problem with this show. It’s a very good show. But it is on a very bad streaming service :neutral_face:. I saw the first season via another access and I’m currently holding off until this one is done so I can burn my free trial on it. Because for me Paramount+ is a virtual streaming wasteland. It’s not like old sitcoms like Frasier were absolute crap relative to their time. It’s just I have zero interest in revisiting that content when there are a hundred other better things I still haven’t seen and I can get on better services.

Very low reward channel for the price. One of the predictable downsides to the fragmentation of TV content providers.

It’s on Prime in the UK. Neener neener.

That episode was the Tuvix merging of hilarious jokes and Trek lore. It was really fun but I do have to admit seeing all the nakedness’ and sex in hat Trek context was a little disconcerting because it just isn’t something that was shown before. It was funny as hell but my inner prude was like, “This really shouldn’t be!”

This week’s Lower Decks might be one of my favorite episodes of Trek period. I never thought I’d say that when this series first started. I would watch an entire series with this premise.

Klingon Boimler and Vulcan Mariner were pretty amusing.

Yes, it (2x09) started out slow but ended up epic. Definitely one of the best episodes of the series so far. (And the closing credits scene was quietly hilarious.)

I agree with Quimby. This was an amazing episode and gives next week’s finale a very high bar to clear. What a brilliant way to exploit and expand the show’s premise. My god, I hope they bring Klingon Boimler and Vulcan Mariner back in some way. (It’s probably too much to hope that the Vulcan will end up on the Cerritos.) And the end credit sequence was perfect.

“Red Alarm! Red Alarm!”

That shot of Boimler spread-eagled was a little … surprising. Though I liked how Mariner responded by throwing herself out of an airlock.

I thought it was obvious that exactly that will happen.

On a different topic, when they showed 90182, my first thought was to think how close that was to 90210. My second thought was to google and be disappointed that it wasn’t a zip code for Cerritos, CA.

I’ll be surprised if they expand the “main four” with another character, but maybe she can do a one-and-done guest shot.

That may have been the best Star Trek episode in the last 20 years. That may well have been the best Star Trek anything in the last 20 years. I’m actually seriously a bit choked up by the emotional impact of well-done Star Trek by people who actually understand and like Star Trek.

I think that may actually have been the single best Klingon episode of the whole franchise. I’m not sure any of the Worf-centric episodes of TNG or DS9 managed to portray the balance and tension of honor and intrigue in Klingon culture quite as well. Despite all the humor, both “Klingon Boimler” and the scheming captain managed to be well-realized, plausible, and very Klingon characters.

I didn’t think “Vulcan Mariner” worked quite as well - she seemed to be a bit too careless with relying on instinct. But as with “Klingon Boimler”, her conflict with her captain managed to be work both as humor and as drama. That was also one of the best Vulcan episodes of the whole franchise. It was seriously impressive how they made “Vulcan Mariner” sympathetic and the captain clearly wrong, while still making the captain seem reasonable. It wasn’t conflict for the sake of conflict, or even humor. The conflict seemed genuinely organic, as did the resolution.

I do find the Pakleds annoying, though. They’re by far my least favorite element of this season. I don’t find them funny at all. Still, even with that, the rest of the episode around them was so strong, I’m willing to put up with them.

And the coda was brilliant.


That, I don’t think I agree with. I don’t think multiple consecutive episodes with this premise would work. But if they make one epsiode a season of Lower Decks like this, or occassionally sprinkle in this sort of stuff, I’d look forward to it. I’ve got to admit, I’m curious with what they’d do with the lower decks of a Gorn or Thorian ship…

I think you meant to say “RITOS” there.

I’m not a fan of ST:Discovery, but I did like this call back to their stupid shirts.

I found myself totally immersed in this episode. Great fun.

PS: The Hawaii stuff was a callback I think to the TNG Lower Decks episode in which a junior officer tries to bond with Riker about Alaska.

Easily. Not even close. Lower Decks is BY FAR the best Trek since Next Generation and some of DS9. This is a Star Trek show done by people who get what makes good science fiction, and the fact it’s somewhat related to Discovery and Picard, absolute garbage shows, amazes me.

wej Duj is one of the ten best episodes of Star Trek ever made. It was flawless.

Every now and then a Pakled gag will slay me. Last season it was “Another Enterprise?!” This season it was them “testing” a bomb and realizing it no longer worked.

‘We will no longer be subjects of the big helmet - I am the ruler now - see my helmet’

I like how everything is just named “Pakled”. Their species, planet, and even ship…just “Pakled”.