Star Trek Lower Decks

Actually no. In ST DISCO, the ENT crew got the new uniforms first. We have seen in other Trek shows that it takes some time for a changeover to happen fleetwide, what with the spandex to TNG Classic uniform in Season 3 (many background characters continued to use the former) to the DS9 and TNG uniforms being used concurrently, and I think later on in Voyager they started using the First Contact uniform (I have a distinct memory of Janeway in one).
Although if ST: Picard is to be believed, they moved to DS9 inspired uniform sometime before Picard left Starfleet.


Since Starfleet is basically bored post-scarcity(ish) volunteers larping, maybe they change uniforms based on passing trends and TicSpock challenges.

Rewatching Season One in the company of the Ukulele Lady, a REAL Star Trek lover, and I think I really hate Mariner.

She simply reeks of Mary Sue.

They have definitely toned her down in Season 2, I have noticed.

Janeway wore a First Contact uniform when she appeared as an admiral in Nemesis, after returning to the Alpha Quadrant.

Does she? Yes, she’s unreasonably competent but 1) it’s Star Trek and everyone is unreasonably competent, and 2) pretty much all her problems are self-inflicted.

Michael Burnham - now there’s a Star Trek Mary Sue for you.

Teary Sue.

A Mary Sue normally doesn’t end up in the brig every other week. And they’re definitely not sent there by their mother.

“It’s always Christmas in the Nexus!”

The season has been strong so far, though not hitting the heights of the last three or so of Season 1. I think Mariner isn’t so much toned down is that they’re able to use her rebelliousness in interesting ways, rather than just repeating the “hotshot breaks the rules and is always right” dynamic that got pretty old last season.

Doctor Kitty needs her own spin-off series. (Possibly co-starring that “blink and you’ll miss it” Kazinti in the bar–how do those two species get along?

Also, “tractor factor.” How has that never been used before?

Hakuna magata, everyone.

Gawd…I thought promos were supposed to whet ones appetite, not make one swear off a show.

Lest i get accused of trying to derail this thread i will say: Its in Season 4, so someone likes it and good on them I say!

Another episode with a deep cut into Trek trivia - in “A Private Little War” the script said “Gumato” but DeForest Kelley could not say that word right, so they switched to Mugato.

This show is absolutely going where no trek has gone before - and its hilarious.

Yeah, like that one moogootoo, I like to watch.

I’m all caught up now, and have been really enjoying the show, with all the many ST in-jokes along the way. Mariner rules! Also nice to have Tom Paris drop by (no longer an interstellar salamander); it was fun to see Boimler’s epic journey through the ship to try to get him to sign his collectible plate. I think they used every possible variation on the word “mugato” in having the various characters refer to the horned albino ape critters. And who would have guessed there was such a thing as a mugato voyeur (rubbing his horn, ew)…?

I now have a favorite line from this season: “VULCANSVULCANSVULCANS!”