Star Trek Question

This is driving me crazy. Somewhere (not in TOS, I don’t think) is a scene where the Enterprise is surrounded by 3 other vessels (I believe they are other Federation starships), without a weapons system (for some reason), and the captain (Picard? I doubt Kirk) orders the Enterprise to RAM one of the vessels. It’s a classic Hornblower move.

Which movie is this? Or is it a TNG episode?

Can anyone help this ignorant slut?

Also, feel free to share opinions as to the tactics etc of that battle–if it ever happened.

There is a scene in one of the later (TNG-era) movies where the Enterprise rams an enemy ship. I’m not sure, but it could be in Nemesis, the last one.

Wow–and I thought I had never seen any of the TNG movies except the first one. :eek:


TNG-in *The Best if Both Worlds *conclusion, with the Borg bearing down on Earth, Riker orders whoever’s steering (Wesley, I think) to ram the Borg cube. Voyager rammed into a ship/blew the hell up/reset a timeline in Year of Hell.

It’s Nemesis. Picard rams the E-E into the Scimitar, which is the ultimate fanboy ship, and is captained by Picard’s angsty young adult clone, Shinzon.

I fucking hate that movie.

You and me both. It was like they were intentionally trying to write a bad movie.

I have no memory of having watched it. All I have in my head is the vision of the Enterprise ramming into (I thought) another Federation starship. I’ve heard so many bad things about Nemesis here I don’t want to watch it. But the maneuver was cool.

I fail to see what your promiscuity has to do with the question.

I don’t like the original Star Trek, and am pretty much a Next Generation and Deep Space Nine fan, but First Contact excepted, all the 24th Century movies were pretty poor in comparison to the original six. I wouldn’t really suggest watching any of them except the one already named.

Then perhaps you didn’t understand the question.


How old are you Aesiron? I ask because I think people around my age grew up at a time when the original Trek was still aired on syndication. There were very few shows like it (in space) and since there were no VCRs and DVD’s (in the 60s and 70s) it wasn’t like you could watch something else.

I grew up wishing I could be having adventures on the Enterprise. I thought Kirk was a great hero, Spock was the coolest dude in the galaxy and I will admit, I thought Scotty was the ultimate go-to guy. (I wished more episodes centered around him). To paraphrase Fry from Futurama “Sometimes it made me feel like I had friends when I didn’t really have any”.

To someone younger than myself I would think the original Trek would look silly and be uninteresting. TNG, DS9 and even ENT and VOY have better production effects, and contemporary themes.

Of course, you just might not like the original series and be my age or older. Theres nothing wrong with that. Back in the 90s I got in a friendly argument with a friend (who is a big trek fan) when I told him Babylon Five is a better show. (looking back B5 is a bit hokey, but the overall show and arc is pretty enjoyable).

I’m 27, and TNG was my first Trek. I caught it on re-runs when I was about 12, then watched the last season or so as it aired.

The next ten years were spent as a huge Trek nerd. I owned about 350 of the novels, and read 98% of them; some three or more times. I also taped Voyager for one of my teachers in high school, and it was Star Trek that made me a Doper. I think my first post on this board was Trek-related, and I was one of a half-dozen Dopers that made the Enterprise threads go to 200+ posts almost every week, but then I fell out of the fandom sometime around 2004. The only series I consider myself a real fan of anymore is Deep Space Nine (which I consider one of the best shows ever) but I thought the recent movie was a lot of great fun, and I’m really looking forward to the next one.

You don’t have to be that old to have seen the original Star Trek. It’s been on TV a lot recently, both in syndication with the remastered episodes, and on TV Land. Prior to that, G4 was running it for a while. I can’t think of any significant length of time recently when it hasn’t been on the air.

There was an episode of TNG where a federation starship came out of a time warp thingy and crashed into Enterprise, blowing it up. Then time kept resetting…

Just looked it up, “Cause and Effect” season 5 ep. 18, other ship was Bozeman with Kelsey Grammer as the Capt.

Jolly Roger–I have to agree. There wasn’t anything else ON, back in the day. I doubt that younger people can understand this fully. If the show wasn’t syndicated, you never saw it again. Hell, my parents were too cheap to buy a color TV! (and now that they’re retired, they don’t own one at all…)

I grew up (after age 8 when we got our first TV) watching reruns of Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, Hogan’s Heros, Dick van Dyke, Andy Griffith, Star Trek and Wild, Wild West. Oh, and Get Smart, Mannix, Rockford Files and many more. We tended to see the shows over and over again, because the networks needed to fill airtime.
Now I’m feeling all nostalgic. :slight_smile:

One of the novels, Federation, has Picard yelling “Ramming speed!” and deliberately smashing the Enterprise-D though another vessel. With its “structural integrity field” at maximum, the Enerprise slams through the other ship like it was tinfoil.

ST:TNG isn’t aging all that gracefully itself IMHO. I’ve been rewatching the series via Netflix & what I remembered fondly as an overall decent body of work is delivering a lot more groaners than I expected. Wesley Crusher & Dr. Pulaski were the least of this program’s problems.

Question: why would ramming ever be desirable? I gotta figure that even an inert lump of iron will do catastrophic damage to any vessel if it’s traveling faster than the speed of light. Hell, why bother with phasers and photon torpedos? Just strap a warp core to rock.

Ramming usually occurs at impulse, not warp.

It’s been a long time, but wasn’t there an episode of TNG that involved the Enterprise being on a combat training exercise and unarmed, and then somehow ends up being in actual combat with the other training ships as some crazy captain or admiral takes control? And wasn’t there a similar plot in TOS? Or am I totally imagining things? If I’m not making it up, this episode had an attempted ramming in it.