What Star Trek is this?

Riker has command of the Enterprise and he orders ramming speed or somthing on an enemy ship. Worf is on that enemy ship and the captain or something say, “he wouldn’t” - then it show worf and he says, “he would”.
It’s something like that - and i can’t figure out where i saw that scene. I’m beginning to think i imagined the whole thing. :smack:

That’s Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I’m asking what movie that’s from Sherlock.

There is a similar scene in Nemisis, however the scene with the dialogue you remeber I’m sure is from an episode of TNG.

Which one? I don’t remember, I expect someone here does though.

Yeah - i can only conclude that it was from an episode. I’ve browsed all the movies, and watched nemesis in it’s entirety recently looking for that scene, but i can’t find it.

Well, that’s what Amp suggested, Sherlock.

Well that narrows it down greatly. :wally

Could it be the one where Riker takes Wesley, Geordi and some others to an older starship as a test of his command capabilities? They’ve got like 24 hours to get the ship working and “fight” the Enterprise.

Having said that, I don’t specifically remember the scene you’re talking about.

I don’t think so; Worf was never aboard the Ferengi vessel in that episode (that I remember). I’m thinking it was from the middle few seasons (maybe 4, 5 or 6) but I’m drawing a blank on it right now.

thinks for a minute

Wait, I’ve got it! The ninth movie, Insurrection. Worf was caprtured and on the Son’a bridge when Riker tries to get out of the Briar Patch to talk to Starfleet. I can’t remember what set up the little game of Chicken, but I’m almost positive that’s where it happened.

Nah sounds like part 2 of Best of Both Worlds a Next Generation episode. Spoilers here if anyone interested.

Having failed to stop the Borg Cube from reaching Earth, Riker orders Wesley to ram the Cube. Just then a way is found of stopping the Borg by using Picard, assimilated by the Borg in part one, to ahm “hack” into the Borg Collective and cause th eCube to shut down and self destruct.

Yup here’s the link http://www.startrek.com/startrek/view/library/episodes/TNG/detail/68456.html

You got it - an hour and 38 minutes in. I must of missed it when i reviewed the movie looking for this scene. :smiley:

I rather liked the Sherlock Holmes references in this thread.

Reminds me of Ship In A Bottle and Elementary, Dear Data.
We need more banter. :slight_smile: